New Baptist Covenant

New Baptist Covenant enters work phase

The New Baptist Covenant is exploring ways to cross boundaries of identity, doctrine and ethnicity to collaborate in community service.

Baptist Briefs

Baptist Briefs: Immigration reform

SBC agency chief meets with Obama; BWA leader advocates Christian unity.

Chaplaincy Vietnam

Viet War chaplains helped soldiers through hellish era

 Military chaplains during the Vietnam War often accompanied their fellow soldiers into the 'valley of the shadow of death.'

Chaplaincy Thompson

‘Peace came over me’ on Korean hillside, chaplain recalled

Parker Thompson had a distinguished chaplaincy career ahead of him that would span nearly three decades marked by two major wars. But his path crystalized in a moment of clarity on the backside of a blood-soaked hill during the Korean War.

Typhoon relief efforts

Baptists respond to typhoon in the Philippines

Texas Baptist Men, Texas Baptists’ Disaster Recovery ministry, the Convention of the Philippine Baptist Churches and the Baptist World Alliance are working with pastors in the Philippines to provide aid after the devastating Typhoon Haiyan.

Sunrise not hiring gays

Kentucky Baptist childcare agency won’t hire gays

The board of directors of a Kentucky Baptist child care agency voted against a proposal to drop its ban on hiring homosexuals, and the Kentucky Baptist Convention passed a symbolic vote of “no confidence” in the agency head who had recommended the change.

Kentucky Baptist home

Kentucky Baptist home considers hiring homosexuals

After a dozen years defending lawsuits stemming from firing a lesbian worker in 1998, a Kentucky Baptist childcare agency is considering dropping its ban on hiring gay employees.

LifeWay apologizes

LifeWay apologizes to Asian-Americans for Rickshaw Rally

The head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s publishing arm apologized for a 10-year-old Asian-themed vacation Bible school curriculum critics said promoted racial stereotypes.

Baptist Briefs

Baptist Briefs: Letter against surveillance of Muslims

The Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty joined more than 120 national, state and local organizations in an open letter urging the Department of Justice to investigate post-9/11 surveillance practices in New York City.

immigration wall

Immigration reform becoming personal, SBC leader says

A Southern Baptist Convention official says evangelicals are galvanizing around immigration reform because increasingly it affects someone they know.

Baptist Briefs

Baptist Briefs: Hobby Lobby appeals to Supreme Court

Hobby Lobby has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to decide whether the government can force it to provide health insurance for employees that covers methods of birth control the company’s Southern Baptist owners believe can cause an abortion.

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