Down Home

Down Home: Thank God for the faith & laughter of Jeane Law

A Baptist-saint-if-ever-there-was-one leaped from earth to heaven when Jeane Law passed away April 3.

Right or Wrong?

Right or Wrong? Social justice and the gospel

Many members of the Millennial generation advocate for social justice and believe evangelism is vital to that cause, a Barna Group survey revealed. Does this mean more Christians need to balance how we apply the gospel?

Letters: Another view of biblical womanhood

Letters: Another view of biblical womanhood

Another view of biblical womanhood

Regarding “Seminary website lists aspects of ‘biblical womanhood’:

This article saddens my heart and soul deeply. I thank God there are other Baptist organizations such as Baptist Women in Ministry that demonstrate a different biblical view.

Fran Smith

Fort Worth

God’s selective election is ‘perfect’

“Young minister describes journey in and out of Calvinism” is an interesting article

I’m from the same area of Texas. I also got tired of the type of Christianity he experienced growing up. I also was a pastor—and still am, although not vocationally. I also got bullied into a corner by Scripture, which left me with no other choice but to see the truth there we call “Calvinism.” 

Reading the article, I read a line that, although Austin didn’t say it, gives insight to his problem: “But God, as he understood him to be taught in Calvinism, defies human understandings of what goodness, love and justice means.”

“Defies human understanding.” We never should try to define God by our understanding and attribute sinful human attributes to a sinless, holy, perfect God. If we believe God is perfect in all his ways, then even if we don’t understand, his love expressed in choosing some for salvation is perfect.

Ryan Odom 

Deland, Fla.

Texas Baptist Voices

Jeff Johnson: Getting things done on time and done right

Have you ever stood in a ski-lift line for 45 minutes, waiting to catch a chair that will take you to a black diamond death run down Peak 9?

Texas Baptist Voices

In Touch: The Lord is moving in Laredo

It was a wonderful weekend visiting with pastors and getting to see how the Lord is moving in Laredo.


Editorial: Celebrate Easter with joyful, purposeful sacrifice

As I pondered—and longed for—Easter and attendant springtime, the Apostle Paul’s account of the last experience Jesus shared with his disciples attracted my attention.

2nd Opinion

2nd Opinion: 5 things we shouldn’t say about the Big Bang

Make no mistake, God created the cosmos.  So, why are so many evangelicals reluctant to dialogue about, say, Big Bang/inflation theories and discoveries said to support them?

Texas Baptist Voices

Richard Ray: Praying for Fort Hood victims & families

I write to you today with a heavy heart as I mourn for the soldiers killed and for those wounded during the tragic shooting at Fort Hood in Killeen.

Texas Baptist Voices

Jeff Johnson: For a really smart ‘pill,’ open your Bible

The founder of Memory Pharmaceuticals, Eric Kandal, firmly believes within a few years a pill will be available to improve memory dramatically. My dad is an Alzheimer’s patient and takes memory-improvement medication. In a frightening turn, these “smart drugs” now are being sold illegally to students for better memory focus on exams.

jeff johnson130Jeff JohnsonI dusted off an old volume of Charles Haddon Spurgeon’s sermons for my devotional time this past week. He describes studying a beech tree one afternoon. Like a skilled naturalist, he noted the color of the leaves, the texture of the bark and the intricacy of the branches. Such study was, for him, a form of grateful prayer to God as rich as any study in the library.

On this particular day, he noticed a squirrel running up the branches, leaping from one to the other, playing in every nook of the great tree. The squirrel moved among the branches as if the trunk were Main Street and the smaller branches country lanes or alleys; somewhere among the branches were his house and daily food.

As Spurgeon reflected imaginatively on this inquisitive, frolicking squirrel, so wonderfully at home in the beech tree, he drew this analogy to our relationship with Scripture. “Well, now, the way to deal with God’s word is not merely to contemplate it, or study it, as a student does; but to live on it, as that squirrel lives on his beech tree. Let it be to you, spiritually, your house, your home, your food, your medicine, your clothing, the one essential element of your soul’s life and growth.”

I chose to be a Texas Baptist for a number of reasons—one being we believe in and study the Bible. Phil Miller leads the way for Texas Baptists in our Bible study/discipleship ministry. Phil and his team exist to “provide consultations, training, special events, tools and resources to help Texas Baptist congregations develop Acts 1:8 believers.”

texas baptist voices right120Does your Bible study time need a “smart pill?” The Texas Baptist Bible study team has it—for all ages. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and our Bible study team as you and your church strategically prepare for implementing a plan for transformational Bible study in your community.

Being “at home” in Scripture certainly is an alternative to the seemingly endless quest for a new philosophy that is going to fulfill my every desire.

A daily smart pill might increase my memory, but a day spent studying Scripture with an open heart and a searching mind increases my love for God, makes me a wiser person, and enables me to discern false teaching the next time it comes to the box office, Twitter, text, YouTube or bookstore.

Now that’s a really smart “pill.” (Check out 2 Timothy 3:14-17).

Jeff Johnson is president of the Baptist General Convention of Texas and pastor of First Baptist Church in Commerce.


Editorial: Honor your mother; feed the hungry

Mother’s Day—May 11 this year—is only about a month away. So, now is the time to prepare to honor our mothers by collecting funds for the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering on their day.

Student Missions Blog

Middle East: Big city, small church

Student Missions Blog: There are at least 500,000 people living in this city, and on any given Sunday you find around 30 people attending an evangelical fellowship.

Student Missions Blog

Tyler: A spring break miracle

Student Missions Blog: At Tyler Junior College, we experienced a “spring break miracle” during a mission trip to Vermont.

Right or Wrong?

Right or Wrong? 'Persecution' label

The Supreme Court is considering a challenge to Christian prayers at a town board meeting. I’m inclined to label the challenge as persecution of Christians. What do you think?

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