Cultural perceptions and misconceptions

I had an interesting lunch conversation with my coworkers here in Kenya—one that prompted me to think about how our assumptions are often misconceptions.

Recognizing the hope of glory

The past few weeks serving in Northern Africa, I have begun to realize—yet again—how great a hope to which I have been called.

Sharing life together in Kenya

Recently, I was asked to share something meaningful that I’ve experienced since I’ve been in Kenya. Immediately, thousands of thoughts invade my brain, recalling the past three and half months in detail.

Saying 'yes' to God in Kenya

I’ve been serving in Mombasa, Kenya, eight months now, and I decided to follow Christ wholeheartedly about two, maybe three, three months ago. That’s when I decided it was “all or nothing” and finally said “yes” to God. 

Meaningful ministry over a coffee cup

coffeecupOver pumpkin spice lattes, a young woman asked me about the meaning of baptism. Over green tea, a sorority girl celebrated the reality that in Christ she is made new. Over caramel macchiatos, a new friend described her desire to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation so she can know how great this God is to whom she prays.

Learning about Daily Bread

There is a man on our street who sits on the pavement every day. He’s not begging as many people do—just covering himself from the sun, the winds, the outside.

Following a clear calling to Kenya

I am more than two months into my journey in Kenya, and it has been an adventure so far—a rollercoaster of twists and turns. I’ve done evangelism, discipleship, preaching and everything in-between.

International students in Pacific Northwest discover God’s love

My heart was beating fast as I sat on a couch between two girls who had never opened a Bible before.

In Kenya, change of plans according to God's design

I went with Rose, Colby, and Robyn to Mombasa Baptist High School for a sports day with the students. As it turned out, I ended up speaking to the students during chapel.

A vessel shaped by the Master Potter

A girl and two guys came in the coffee shop and sat at the table across from me. After watching them take pictures of each other, I offered to take one of the three of them. They enthusiastically thanked me.

'Praying' trees in Tahoe City

Tahoe City offers breathtaking beauty that never ends. And I have the pleasure of teaching Bible stories and working daily with beautiful first and second graders here.
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