Down Home

Down Home: Thank God for the faith & laughter of Jeane Law

A Baptist-saint-if-ever-there-was-one leaped from earth to heaven when Jeane Law passed away April 3.

Right or Wrong?

Right or Wrong? Social justice and the gospel

Many members of the Millennial generation advocate for social justice and believe evangelism is vital to that cause, a Barna Group survey revealed. Does this mean more Christians need to balance how we apply the gospel?

2nd Opinion

2nd Opinion: 5 things we shouldn’t say about the Big Bang

Make no mistake, God created the cosmos.  So, why are so many evangelicals reluctant to dialogue about, say, Big Bang/inflation theories and discoveries said to support them?

Right or Wrong?

Right or Wrong? 'Persecution' label

The Supreme Court is considering a challenge to Christian prayers at a town board meeting. I’m inclined to label the challenge as persecution of Christians. What do you think?

Down Home

Down Home: How I lost a billion dollars

Unfortunately, I’m not fixing to become a billionaire.

2nd Opinion

2nd Opinion: Of faith and film

Over the years, I have come to recognize acutely just how central films are for understanding faith—and for teaching it.

2nd Opinion

2nd Opinion: Saying goodbye to Christian America

The ultimate Christian social ethics issue in America is declining Christian cultural power and its fallout in both church and culture.

Down Home

Down Home: Will 'Marvo the Fly' soar again this year?

This year, I broke out in a sweat just thinking about filling out my NCAA college basketball tournament bracket. “March Madness” just about drove me crazy.

2nd Opinion

2nd Opinion: God at work, just 1,300 light years away

God’s creation still is being created. That may be an awkward way to state this fact, but it’s true.

Down Home

Down Home: What I’m giving up—and not giving up on—for Lent

Joanna and I had what we would call a “healthy” discussion about what I decided to give up for Lent.

Right or Wrong?

Right or Wrong? Human & civil rights

Are “civil rights” and “human rights” synonymous? How are these terms interrelated? In what contexts are they used appropriately?

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