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Letters: Gay marriage & non-Christians

Gay marriage & non-Christians

A Jew living next door to me would not expect me, a Christian, to keep kosher. When the Apostle Paul told the Corinthian church to expel the immoral brother, he then said he doesn’t judge the world. He didn’t expect the non-Christian to live like a Christian.

Some say gay marriage will destroy marriage as we know it. The divorce rate among Christians has been doing a good job of destroying it already.

One-man/one-woman for life is God’s ideal. But because of the hardness of their hearts, Moses tolerated divorce. If some argue that gay marriage is not God’s ideal, then shouldn’t those who are opposed to it also oppose all divorce?

Gay marriages will not be any more successful than straight marriages. I would suggest gay marriage should be tolerated. Besides, there are many lawyers in this nation who need the work.

Do you think that pastors should be spending more time dealing with what is going on within their congregations than dictating to non-Christians how they should live?

Steve DuCett

Jasper, Ind.

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