Exhibit celebrates Jewish history, artifacts

The Library of Congress exhibit “Words Like Sapphires,” which celebrates 100 years of Hebraica, includes a 19th century copy of the U.S. Constitution in Yiddish and Hebrew and other objects drawn from its more than 200,000-piece Hebraica collection.

WorldCrafts sponsors fair-trade tour of India

WorldCrafts, the fair-trade division of Woman’s Missionary Union that develops sustainable businesses among impoverished people around the world, will sponsor a 12-day tour to visit seven WorldCrafts artisan groups in India, March 4–15, 2013.


Texas native sings about struggles, surrender & sacrifice

With the release of his debut album, Hear Me, Kyle Sherman offers songs about personal struggles, learning to surrender and Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. 

Film revives questions about Lincoln's faith

The nature of Lincoln's faith —or the lack thereof—has remained one of the most fascinating aspects of the man who freed the slaves, preserved the Union and carried the wounded nation through its bloodiest war.

Changes in news delivery arriving in January

The next issue of the Baptist Standard will arrive in readers’ email inboxes, rather than mailboxes, Jan. 14.

East Texas worship pastor reflects on hope and hymn

In the midst a turbulent home life, Don Pardoe of Whitehouse discovered God provided hope and healing through the gift of music.

How should churches view holiday-only visitors?

Church leaders try a variety of methods to stay in contact with holy-day-only visitors—social media, direct mail, deacon family ministry programs—with varying degrees of success.

Texas Baptist delivers 60 tons of corn to North Korean orphans

A Korean Texas Baptist recently delivered 60 tons of corn to North Korea, where he visited three schools for orphans and a hospital that will benefit from the shipment.

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