Our mission is to inform, inspire and challenge people to live like Jesus.

About the Baptist Standard

Baptist Standard Publishing is an independent, nonprofit media organization that provides content and resources focused on Baptists and global Christians, as well as the cultural contexts in which they live out their faith.

Here are key factors that describe us and our ministry …

  • Vision — We exist to inform, inspire and challenge people to live like Jesus.
  • Position — The Baptist Standard is the independent forum for Baptist voices speaking to the challenges of today’s world.
  • Personality — Our readers say we’re: Trusted. Engaging. Bold. Compassionate. Christian.
  • Affiliation — We attract, support and collaborate with forward-looking people committed to historic Baptist ideals and the spectrum of Baptist voices.

We specialize in news, features and opinion for Texas Baptists through our partnership with churches, institutions and individuals associated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas. Our coverage also includes the Baptist World Alliance, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, the Southern Baptist Convention and news, trends and ideas about religion around the world.

Our award-winning publications:

Through the Baptist Standard and CommonCall, we publish information relevant to the growth and welfare of Baptist people, support ministries conducted by Texas Baptists and cooperating churches and organizations, develop a fuller understanding of Baptist doctrines, encourage high moral standards and spiritual formation among all peoples, and help Christians fulfill their calling. We strive to assist Baptists in Texas and around the globe as they fulfill Jesus’ Great Commandment and Great Commission.

Heritage & Innovation

Our founders launched the Baptist News, predecessor to the Baptist Standard, on December 6, 1888. They intended to unify Baptists across Texas so they could accomplish far more together than they ever could do as individuals and congregations. Their strategy worked: Texas Baptists proliferated, and the Baptist Standard became a leading newspaper for Baptists, not only in Texas, but also across the globe.

For more than a century, Baptist Standard Publishing focused on one task—publishing a newspaper. In the early 1900s, the company also published books. But our stock-in-trade was the Baptist Standard newspaper. When the Internet became broadly available to the public in the 1990s, the Standard’s staff and board of directors began to explore possibilities for harnessing such a vital communications tool. Soon, we began posting on our website, www.baptiststandard.com, all the content we published in the newspaper. Because the web is not constrained by the same space limitations that bind a printed publication, we quickly began adding other features, such as Sunday school lessons, columns, analysis and additional news.

We continually explore how to deliver our content more effectively and efficiently, as well as how to reach a rising audience while remaining faithful to our older readers. In January 2013, we switched delivery of the Baptist Standard from primarily newsprint to a digital-only version. We also launched CommonCall, a human-interest and inspirational magazine that features people living out their faith, issues important to Christians’ daily lives and best practices for churches.

We work diligently to fulfill a maxim that has guided Baptist Standard editors for generations: “Tell the truth and trust the people.” Meanwhile, we’re committed to utilizing ever-improving technology to tell the story of God’s work among Baptists—in Texas and around the globe.