Advertising Policy

Advertising policies of Baptist Standard Publishing reflect the high standards Texas Baptists expect of their publication. Advertising is an extension of Baptist Standard Publishing’s services to the denomination, to churches and their members, and to the agencies, institutions and organizations supported through the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

Baptist Standard Publishing reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertising for any reason at any time, including but not limited to any advertisement which in the opinion of Baptist Standard Publishing does not conform to the editorial or graphic standards or the purpose of the publication.

Acceptance of an advertisement by Baptist Standard Publishing does not imply endorsement of the advertiser or its products and services. Political advertisements are paid for by the advertiser and do not reflect the views of Baptist Standard Publishing, which neither endorses nor opposes any candidate for elective office.

Baptist Standard Publishing reserves the right to place the words “advertisement” or “paid advertisement” or other identifying terms on any advertisement.

Editorial hyperlinks to external websites or resources are provided solely for news value as a service to our readers and cannot be purchased by advertisers.

Baptist Standard Publishing works directly with advertisers, not with third-party agencies.

There shall not be advertising of evangelists seeking engagements, funds, etc. Advertising of evangelistic crusades shall be confined to those in which Baptist churches are participating.

No church bond issue shall be advertised when the amount, plus any current debt of the church, exceeds three times the church’s income for the previous year. Additionally, the Standard shall be cautious in advertising companies offering bonds.

Baptist Standard Publishing may use outside digital ad networks, such as Google AdSense, for online ad sales. Advertisements displayed through these networks are not contractually obligated to follow the advertising policies of Baptist Standard Publishing. Advertisements will be reviewed to the extent possible through the ad network and blocked if necessary.

The editor and other staff members will use their best judgment so as to maintain the integrity of Baptist Standard Publishing in the implementation of this policy.

Approval of Ads

All advertisements are subject to final approval by the editor. All decisions are final.

Schedules and Deadlines

Online ads: Scheduled by the week (Monday to Sunday), based on availability. Artwork deadline is 5 business days prior to scheduled run date.


Online ads: Notice of cancellation or change in publication date of a scheduled ad must be received in writing at least 7 business days prior to scheduled start date. Online ads canceled after 7 business days prior to start date will be billed for one week at the contracted rate. Online ads cancelled before the end of a contracted period will be billed as contracted, the unused portion may be used with one calendar year.


Baptist Standard Publishing is liable for error of our composition only to the extent of credit or correct rerun of the ad or affected portion. Credit is allowed for the first insertion only. Notice of error must be given in time for the correction to be made in a subsequent issue.

Discount Contracts

A signed contract specifying the insertion rates and ad size(s) is required before an advertiser can qualify for the frequency or bulk discounts noted on the rate sheet. The rates specified apply only when the number of contracted insertions is reached within the contract period. Discounts are posted at the end of the contract period.

Design Charges

You are responsible for providing artwork according to our specifications. You will be charged for time required for artwork design or composition and for time needed to modify an ad for printing or online display.

Billing and Commissions

All advertising must be paid in advance until an account has been established. Credit may be granted on approved accounts only. All rates are net; advertising agencies must add commissions to quoted rates.

Please direct any questions or concerns about this policy to Victoria McCrary.