2nd Opinion: What Is God Saying?

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Posted: 1/23/08

2nd Opinion: What Is God Saying?

By Mike Midkiff

Pastor, Oak Grove Baptist Church, Marshall

The last two months have been very interesting for me driving around Harrison County. My two sons, Andrew and Ashton, have given me a new nickname. They call me “Crash” because of the three wrecks I have had.

The first “crash” occurred when I was not even in my Blazer. As I was walking into my favorite Chinese restaurant I heard the crunch of metal hitting metal. As I looked back I could see that my Blazer had been hit in the rear by a small pick-up.

As I went to investigate I found no driver in the pick-up. The pick-up had slipped out of gear, rolled down a small hill, and caused over $2,000 in damage. I found the driver and he had insurance. No problem, Blazer fixed and it looked like new.

The second “crash” happened the day after Christmas. After Wednesday night prayer meeting I went to Brookshire’s to buy some needed groceries. As I was two blocks from my home a young man decided to ignore a stop sign. I rammed into the Yukon he was driving.

My Blazer no longer had a front bumper or headlights as the momentum of the Yukon ripped them away finally stopping about 30 feet from impact. I had never been involved in any type of accident like this. The driver ran from the scene and left four passengers behind. He eventually returned and was arrested by the Marshall Police Department. My Blazer was totaled by my insurance company.

The third crash happened the night before I was to return my rent car after I had settled with my insurance company on my Blazer. I was driving home from the second night of our Winter Bible Study. As I was driving west on Highway 154, a dog appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the highway. I swerved trying to miss the dog, but was not successful. The impact caused damaged to the bumper on the right side of the rental car. This completed my accident total with three accidents in only two short months!

When I got home I told my family what had happened. I was perplexed as to why I was having such misfortune. All three accidents could not have been avoided. After I received the nickname “Crash,” my son Andrew asked, “Dad, what is God trying to tell you?”

I have been trying to discover what God is trying to say to me. God speaks through the Holy Spirit, through His Word, through prayer, and even circumstances. As a Christian, I want to discover God’s will for my life.

The three “crashes” have made me realize I am blessed. I am blessed because I was not hurt. I am blessed because my family can still joke with me by calling me “Crash.” I am blessed because I know God is personal and desires a relationship that is eternal through knowing His son, Jesus Christ.

As you reflect on your day, your week, your month, your life, what does God want you to hear from Him? Are you seeking His leadership in your life through reading the Bible, praying, and worshipping with a local body of believers?

Proverbs 3:6 says, “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths,” even though there may be crashes and bumps along the road.

Mike Midkiff is pastor of Oak Grove Baptist Church in Marshall and Director of Public Relations at East Texas Baptist University.

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