Black preaching is the ‘voice of advocacy, hope and redemption’

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Baptists Preaching is a column from the Baptist Standard. It is not an effort to advance any one theology or style but to present what a collection of Baptists considers a word from God. Likewise, Baptists Preaching offers a repository of Baptist preaching for future study and research. To recommend a sermon to be featured in Baptists Preaching, please contact

Celebrating Black preaching

“Black preaching has served as the liberating voice of an oppressed people for hundreds of years. It has been the voice of advocacy, hope and redemption. The passion and heartfelt emotion that is expressed during the sermon delivery is born out of the internal cries for freedom dating back to the 17th century. There still remains the respect and expectation for the preacher to speak the truth no matter what popular culture demands. The preacher in the Black church is expected to be astute and attuned to the current events and happenings in the life of the community, even the country. He or she is the modern-day griot or storyteller inoculated by the Holy Spirit to share the wisdom of the times as is interpreted from the word of God. Preaching to the African American community is art, poetry and prophesy.”
—Rev. Dr. Michael Evans, pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Mansfield and president of the Baptist General Convention of Texas

February is Black History Month, and we are thankful for the many African American men and women serving God and their churches across Texas and beyond. In honor of them and to celebrate how they enrich the body of Christ, we are highlighting sermons delivered by African American preachers and published in the Baptists Preaching feature of the Baptist Standard.

Rev. Ronald Session: Offended by Grace

Dr. Edward Wagner: Building for the Lord Requires Peace

Rev. Dr. Joseph Parker: Taking the First Step

Rev. Dr. Jamie Russell: The First Gospel Ministers

Rev. Jeremiah Parks: You Can’t Quit

Rev. Henry H. Batson III: The Power of a Level Up Testimony

Rev. Dr. Michael Evans: God’s Power Made Manifest Through Unity

Minister Syeeda Echols: Hold On, Help is on the Way

Rev. Dr. Hurley Clayton Jr.: Run Your Race

Rev. Dr. Elmo Johnson: Sent to Save

Rev. Mary Whitehurst: God’s Got This

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