Baptists Preaching

  • Steve Dominy: God Has the Last Word

    Steve Dominy, Texas Baptist Area 8 Representative and interim pastor of Webb Baptist Church in Arlington, recounted Jesus’ restoration of Peter. (John 21:15-19)

  • Truett Newton: The Call to Endurance

    Truett Newton, pastor of First Baptist Church in Chilton, illustrates the endurance called for by the writer of Hebrews by recounting Martin Strel’s five Guinness World Record marks. (Hebrews 12)

  • Mark Newton: God, We Need to Talk!

    Mark Newton, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Lufkin, noted three levels of communication: frivolous, factual and feeling. (Psalm 13)

  • Jordan Villanueva: Jesus: Part One

    Jordan Villanueva, former lead pastor of Indian Hills Baptist Church in Grand Prairie and new instructor in the Howard Payne University School of Christian Studies, introduced a sermon series leading up to Easter during which “we’re just going to be talking about who Jesus is.” (Matthew 16:13-20)

  • Pastor Oscar Epps Sr.: Can God Depend on You?

    Pastor Oscar Epps Sr., senior pastor of Community Missionary Baptist Church in DeSoto, challenged his hearers with their personal responsibility to prove themselves dependable for God’s kingdom. (Luke 10:1-2)

  • Dennis Wiles: The Passover

    Dennis Wiles, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Arlington, ties the Book of Exodus to the creation account in Genesis. (Exodus 12)

  • Reid Johnson: The Word in You

    Reid Johnson, pastor of Colonial Hill Baptist Church in Snyder, recited Psalm 1 and called his hearers to meditate on God’s word.

  • Sarah Becker: What Does God Do With Women?

    Sarah Becker, children’s minister of First Baptist Church in Elm Mott, asked, “What does God do with women?” She answered the question through God’s interaction with women in Scripture.

  • Jeb Barr: What Consumes Your Mind Controls Your Life

    Jeb Barr, pastor of First Baptist Church in Elm Mott, likens the danger of target fixation to desires other than God that occupy our mind. (2 Samuel 13)

  • Jody Hickman: The Joy of Your Salvation

    Jody Hickman, pastor of First Baptist Church in Rosebud, compares the world to a person who seeks God. (Psalm 51)

  • Jorge Vásquez: Confiado en lo que Dios cumple /Trusting in what God Accomplishes

    Jorge Vásquez, pastor de la Iglesia Bautista Ágape, inicia el mensaje con una gran ayuda visual de una silla y cómo tenemos confianza en la silla para evitar que caigamos al suelo./ Jorge Vásquez, pastor of Agape Baptist Church, starts the message with a great visual aid of a chair and how we are confident in the chair to keep us from falling to the ground. (Filipenses/Philippians 1)

  • Joe Bailey: Entrance Talk

    Joe Bailey, pastor of Speegleville Baptist Church, asked his congregation to imagine two scenarios: a party they weren’t invited to, and a party they invited many people to but to which only a few came. (Luke 13:22-30)