• Review: A Burning in My Bones

    Pastor Daniel Camp of South Garland Baptist Church reviews “A Burning in My Bones” by Winn Collier, the authorized biographer of Eugene Peterson.

  • Review: Friendship with God

    Editor Eric Black reviews “Friendship with God” by Jamie Moore.

  • Review: With Radiant Hope

    Editor Eric Black reviews “With Radiant Hope: Timely and Timeless Reflections from George W. Truett.”

  • Review: Prey Tell

    Managing Editor Ken Camp reviews “Prey Tell” by Tiffany Bluhm.

  • Review: Tempered Resilience

    Editor Eric Black reviews “Tempered Resilience” by Tod Bolsinger.

  • Review: Praying with Our Feet

    Managing Editor Ken Camp reviews “Praying with Our Feet” by Lindsey Krinks.

  • Review: The Mad Cash Dash

    Kathy Hillman and grandson Tucker review “The Mad Cash Dash” by Art Rainer.

  • Review: The Gravity of Joy

    Editor Eric Black reviews “The Gravity of Joy” by Angela Gorrell of Truett Theological Seminary.

  • Review: How (Not) to Read the Bible

    Editor Eric Black reviews “How (Not) to Read the Bible” by Dan Kimball.

  • Review: Chasing Vines

    Kathy Hillman reviews “Chasing Vines” by Beth Moore.

  • Review: Majority World Theology

    Editor Eric Black reviews “Majority World Theology,” edited by Gene L. Green, Stephen T. Pardue and K.K. Yeo.

  • Review: This Hallelujah Banquet

    Managing Editor Ken Camp reviews “This Hallelujah Banquet” by Eugene Peterson.