Book Reviews: Bible Truths About God

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Bible Truths about God by James Semple (BaptistWay Press)

With a veritable flood of different views about God engulfing us, the need is great for a reliable, readable, relevant statement about God. Bible Truths about God meets this need wonderfully well. It does so in keeping with our Baptists commitment to the Bible as our only source of authority for doctrines. While not ignoring theological and philosophical insights, the Bible is the primary source of the “truths” presented in the volume.

The book is reliable, written by an author who is well trained academically with an earned doctorate and a continual pursuit of knowledge.

The book is readable, written from the perspective of a person who has extensive pastoral experience and denominational service, spending decades honing skills in communicating complex truths in clear, concise ways to the “person in the pew.”

The book is relevant, dedicated to presenting not only biblical truths about God, but also insight into the beliefs of persons of major religious beliefs as well as those of none.

The book is needed. It deserves wide distribution.

William M. Pinson Jr.

Executive Director Emeritus, Baptist General Convention of Texas

What Southern Women Know about Faith: Kitchen Table Stories and Back Porch Comfort by Ronda Rich (Zondervan)

Millions have enjoyed Ronda Rich’s best-seller, What Southern Women Know (That Every Woman Should). But Rich’s latest volume moves naturally from the secular to the sacred. In What Southern Women Know about Faith, the columnist and speaker shares stories from her upbringing in a Baptist pastor’s home and adult life in the church.

Sometimes poignant, often humorous, but always right on, Ronda laces her tales with Scripture and spices them with Southern sass and sweetness. From her explanation of the expression “Bless your heart” to her admonishment to “Be careful what you pray for (You might get it),” the Southerner’s clever narratives evoke memories of female relatives and other dedicated church women.

Ronda’s deep friendship with Stevie Waltrip, writer of the introduction and wife of racer Darrell Waltrip, offers a bonus of faith stories from the NASCAR circuit and another audience for the title. But don’t just buy Rich’s uplifting book for a Mother’s Day or birthday gift, get one to use for daily devotionals or dinner table conversation. You might just see yourself or someone you know.

Kathy Robinson Hillman, former president

Woman’s Missionary Union of Texas, Waco


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