Book Reviews: Evidence for God

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Evidence for God by William A. Dembski and Michael R. Licona (Baker Books)

Evidence for God collects 50 articles that argue for our Christian faith in today’s diverse world. The editors assembled these articles to challenge students and others who would like to investigate biblical and spiritual truth. Philosophy, Jesus, the Bible and science are the subject matter for each of the authors. Readers are challenged by intellectuals to explore basic Bible truths from various perspectives. Each short essay is well documented in philosophy, science and the Bible and will challenge any reader to a deeper truth.

This book is a good resource in Christian apologetics for the serious Bible student or for anyone who would like to ease into apologetics. Articles from science reveal how life is the product of a divine designer. Articles from philosophy reveal the designer to be eternal and good—the One who came to earth in the person of Jesus.

This book will stimulate your desire to know the truth. Expect to use it time and again to stimulate your mind and strengthen your beliefs.

Leo Smith, executive director

Texas Baptist Men, Dallas

Green Like God: Unlocking the Divine Plan for Our Planet by Jonathan Merritt (Faith Words)

Sustainability and “green” have become buzz words. Unfortunately, many political conservatives, including some Christians, view the environmental movement as a liberal cause and engage only minimally in creation care. In Green Like God, Jonathan Merritt traces his complete change of heart.

The Liberty University and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary graduate starts his story with the revelation in a seminary class that destroying creation is “similar to tearing a page out of the Bible.” Merritt shares his findings after reading Scripture from the perspective of God’s creation. Further research into the condition of God’s world led Merritt to become a leading Christian voice for saving creation in spite of heavy criticism.

The under-35 writer fills the pages of Green Like God with Scriptures, stories, statistics and solutions. Merritt makes a powerful case that caring for the earth is part of God’s plan and the responsibility of every person, especially Christians. He uses a heart-wrenching example of millions who die annually simply because of unsafe drinking water. He concludes with appendices containing tips, resources and extensive source notes.

In the introduction, Merritt writes: “I’ve fallen in love with our green God. My prayer is that you will do the same while reading this book.” If you’re like me, it’s a safe bet you will.

Kathy Robinson Hillman, former president

Woman’s Missionary Union of Texas, Waco


Reinventing Youth Ministry (Again): From Bells and Whistles to Flesh and Blood by Wayne Rice (IVP Books)

This book is part Wayne Rice autobiography, part Youth Specialties/National Youth Workers Convention history and part philosophy of youth ministry—all wrapped into one.

Rice, veteran youth pastor and cofounder—with the late Mike Yaconelli—of the youth ministry resource company Youth Specialties, shares the ups, downs and memorable highlights of his innovative involvement in the relatively young history of youth ministry.

If the reader can overlook the many typos and grammatical errors throughout the book—surprising for an IVP publication—he or she will laugh along with Rice, cringe with him, and applaud him and his cohorts as he shares his influential story.

Youth workers, parents and pastors will be moved and challenged by the words of wisdom Rice intersperses throughout the narrative and by his calling to continue the reformation of ministry to today’s teenagers and their parents.

Greg Bowman, minister to students

First Baptist Church, Duncanville



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