Book Reviews: Experiencing the Spirit

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Experiencing the Spirit: The Power of Pentecost Every Day by Henry and Mel Blackaby (Multnomah Books)

Henry Blackaby and his son, Melvin, have added Experiencing the Spirit as a part of the “Experiencing God” series. Much has been written about the Holy Spirit by so many that a new book often is overlooked, which would be sad in this case.

The style of the Blackabys and their personal illustrations make this a fresh look at the person of the Holy Spirit in our life. We rejoice in the work of Christ who purchased our salvation then said in John 14:17-18, “He (the Holy Spirit) dwells with you and will be in you.” The Holy Spirit is the presence of Christ constantly in us enabling us to be all God has planned for our lives to be.

The authors’ treatment of spiritual gifts and the filling of the spirit will help settle many false concepts around today. This small book emphasizes that God wants all believers to experience life to the fullest, and his gift of the Holy Spirit makes this a reality.

The authors provide a study guide that will help readers be sure they have captured the truths of each chapter.

Experiencing the Spirit is a good book for the deep Bible student as well as the young Christian.

Leo Smith,

Executive director

Texas Baptist Men, Dallas

Does God Feel Your Pain? Finding Answers When Life Hurts by H. Wayne House & William Grover (Harvest House Publishers, 2009)

Someone once said, “Pain is only valuable once you know that you’ve learned from it.” To learn from our pain, we must be willing to be taught by our pain, and discern how pain and suffering somehow fit into God’s ultimate plan and purpose. In this relevant and most readable book, authors House and Grover present fresh insight into the problem of pain from theological and practical perspectives. While dealing with some rather challenging theological concepts, the lay reader will not find the treatment overwhelming. The practical focus of the book will offer readers a wide range of application, from the student in the classroom to the hurting in the hospital room.

Part One launches readers into a journey through the reality of pain, how God relates to it, and why he allows pain to be a part of our world. Part Two guides readers through a process of “getting to know the God who feels our pain.” Part Three leads readers through an exploration of how we participate in the sufferings of Christ, how prayer relates to the mind and will of God, and how victory over suffering will one day come in the “glorious future” that awaits suffering believers.

In a world of pain and suffering, House and Grover’s book is a useful resource for those who are hurting, those who know someone who is hurting, and those who are simply serious seekers of answers to one of life’s most difficult questions.

Jim Lemons

Assistant professor of biblical studies

Dallas Baptist University


He Said, He Said by Gerald Mackrell (iUniverse Books)

A man’s radical interpretation of the Bible brings him from isolation to being the talk of the town. A writer moves to Ireland to deal with the sadness of his wife’s death and to find inspiration for his book. He not only finds these things, but also forms friendships with a debate group in a pub, his landlady and a woman he meets at a car wreck.

While getting to know the debate group, he soon becomes the center of the discussion, where he must defend his faith. He shares his controversial beliefs on subjects like evolution, homosexual priests and the story of Adam and Eve, leaving the group wanting more of his ideas. The book explores current, pressing issues through the men’s debates while still showing one man’s journey from the heartache of his past to the blessings of the present.

Lauren Heartsill

Communications intern

Baptist Standard, Dallas



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