Book Reviews: Let Justice Roll

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Let Justice Roll by Virginia Kreimeyer (iUniverse)

book kreimeyer200Texas Baptist Virginia Kreimeyer bases her second novel, Let Justice Roll, on a true story. The author writes from personal experience covering significant events as a public relations professional. She also provides the book’s beautiful cover painting.

Readers learn University of Mississippi Medical communications director Savannah Whitehall first met her husband, Tom, in the nursery at First Baptist Church. Although the two attended church and school together, they lived in different worlds. Savannah’s widowed mother barely made ends meet, while Tom’s parents moved in Jackson’s most elite social circles.

Savannah isn’t sure what disappointed her husband’s mom and dad more, their son choosing to forego a pro football contract to become a policeman or marrying beneath him. When Tom is seriously injured in a SWAT competition and slips into a coma, the Whitehalls exert their considerable power against their daughter-in-law and whoever else they deem responsible for the “accident.”

The plot twists and turns as Savannah copes with disaster and danger, both personal and professional. Yet in the midst of shattered dreams, the strong young woman relies on her faith and God’s faithfulness. This well-written, quick read will keep the reader engaged and guessing from beginning to end.

Kathy Hillman, second vice president

Baptist General Convention of Texas



The Way of the Wise: Simple Truths for Living Well by Kevin Leman (Revell)

book leman200Prolific author Kevin Leman’s new book is based on Proverbs 3:1-6. The introduction is key to understanding the rest of the book, and his personal testimony and the story of his early years—along with the Scripture—form the basis for its chapters.

The book offers advice for Christian growth. Humorous illustrations contain basic common-sense guidance for Christian living. I read this book aloud to my wife, a middle school reading teacher, and she gave it a hearty “Amen!”

Leman describes how a comment from a teacher provided him a much-needed “wake-up” call. He tells how he met the girl who eventually would become his wife and how she became his encourager.

Speaking of encouragement, the first chapter is titled “Words Pack a Wallop.” The book continues with attention-getting chapter titles such as “Jesus Ain’t the Big, Bad Wolf” and “Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers: Jesus has Left the Building.” The final chapter, “A Permanent Record,” emphasizes the principle of leaving a legacy. This book is an easy read. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was blessed by it.

Skip Holman, minister of discipleship

Northeast Baptist Church

San Antonio


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