Book Reviews: The Souljourn

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The Souljourn: Everyday adventure right beneath your feet by Robert Barge (Souljourn Publishing)

This is one of the most thought-provoking books I have read in a long time. Barge uses the motif of hiking to tie together a series of biblical truths. Barge, now an evangelist, has his roots in youth ministry, and it serves him well here. While this book is in no way directed at youth, Barge is able to communicate biblical truth while maintaining a way of speaking that is easy to understand.

While I enjoyed the whole book, some chapters did stay with me longer than others. Barge’s theme seems to be that regardless of your need, God already has supplied it. Sometimes, however, we have to get alone with God and away from distractions to realize what is already ours.

I especially liked the chapter, “The Kingdom of the Unexpected.” Barge uses the prophet Isaiah to illustrate that living in the kingdom of God and being keenly aware of that will lead to unexpected blessings—seeing what we don’t expect to see, feeling what we don’t expect to feel and walking where we never expected to walk.

Barge is positive throughout the slim book, without being Pollyannaish. He supports his insights with Scripture, and in general has written a book that is not only a pleasure to read, but also one that blesses.

George Henson, staff writer

Baptist Standard


Life Unhindered! Five Keys to Walking in Freedom by Jennifer Kennedy Dean (New Hope, April 2010)

Jennifer Kennedy Dean chose Hebrews 12:1-2 as the overall theme of her latest book, Life Unhindered! Five Keys to Walking in Freedom. In 13 chapters clustered in five sections, the Baylor graduate unlocks the door to freedom in God with the keys of his platform, provision, power, presence and promise.

While some might classify Dean as primarily a women’s writer, Life Unhindered! contains examples of men and women who lived unhindered lives. These include such risk-takers as Hudson Taylor, William Carey and Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf.

The gifted author and speaker builds her volume on strong biblical scenes, powerful personal and missional stories, and intimate insights and challenges. Each chapter ends with provoking questions suitable for individual thought or group discussion. The appendix describes how to use the material in a retreat or Bible study.

Jennifer Kennedy Dean’s impact can be powerful. So, don’t read Life Unhindered! Five Keys to Walking in Freedom unless you want to be stretched and challenged to be free “from all the things that hold us back” and “to live out all … (God has) called us to.”

Kathy Robinson Hillman, former president

Woman’s Missionary Union of Texas


The Complete Guide to Bible Translations by Ron Rhodes (Harvest House Publishers)

With so many current versions of the Bible being published today, going to a bookstore to pick out a Bible translation can be a daunting task.

A resource that could prove to be helpful in this endeavor is Ron Rhodes’ 253-page guide (including appendices), which contains deeply insightful yet simple-to-understand information about the various modern Bible translations available today. He also suggests that choosing the right Bible for the specific purpose is important, even using a few versions simultaneously to get a fuller meaning of the text for personal study or for teaching the Bible to others.

Rhodes offers a brief history behind each translation and explains the formal equivalence (translating word for word) and dynamic equivalence (translating for meaning) approaches to translating the Bible from the original Hebrew and Greek languages.

This is an excellent resource for pastors, Bible teachers and all Jesus-followers who want to understand the nuances of Bible translations.

Greg Bowman

minister to students

First Baptist Church,



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