Book Reviews: Weeping With Those Who Weep

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Weeping With Those Who Weep: A Practical Guide for Ministering in the Crisis of Death by Terry Lester (A Pair of Docs Publishing)

Who could imagine saying, 'I couldn't put it down' about a book on ministry following death? But it's true about Weeping With Those Who Weep. Kentucky pastor Terry Lester's book overflows with empathy, love and compassion. His faith in God and love for hurting people speak wisdom from every page, and I held onto every word.

Lester is one of the most kind and caring pastors anywhere. Small wonder he wrote a book to help other pastors and church members minister to people whose loved one has died. He gleans from years of experience, spiritual sensitivity and a loving heart to produce a much-needed guide for ministering in the shadow of death.

Gentle, oh-so-practical wisdom fills the pages of this book. It addresses basic responses to death and preparation for funerals. And it includes insightful responses to unusual and unexpected circumstances. Clergy, deacons and other Christians who care for bereaved people will benefit from Lester's experienced, mature guidance and sensitive insight.

Marv Knox, editor

Baptist Standard


Tribal Church: Lead Small, Impact Big by Steve Stroope with Kurt Bruner (Broadman & Holman)

What sets Steve Stroope's book apart from many church leadership books is that he passes along ideas regarding managing the life of the individual and the church, not specific programs or concepts others should reproduce. The book focuses on the different tribes that exist within a congregation.

Stroope suggests the best way to lead a growing congregation is to prioritize one's time and energy in the right places or relationships. The importance of prioritizing one's family relationships, investing in key leaders, reaching out to those outside the church, and managing one's own time stand out as valuable chapters.

The book provides an inside look at many of the decisions made over the years at Stroope's Rockwall-based Lake Pointe Church, including the rationale behind and the complex management of a multisite congregation. Stroope humbly offers suggestions and resources developed along the way for others to consider.

No matter the size of one's congregation, pastors and lay leaders can glean valuable insights from this book.

Scott Bryant, university chaplain

and vice president for spiritual development 

East Texas Baptist University


Daily in His Presence by Andrew Murray with Bruce Wilkinson (Multnomah)

Daily in His Presence is more than just another book of daily devotionals. Bruce Wilkinson has provided a look back on materials written by Andrew Murray that led to a great spiritual awakening in South Africa in the late 1800s.

Wilkinson took material Murray first wrote in the Afrikaans language to give to farmers in his congregation to help them stay in God's word for the time they were away from home working their fields. These farmers came back once a month for communion at their church. Wilkinson organized Murray's material around 12 monthly themes and wrote a brief introduction for these devotions. He also provided a scriptural index referencing the date of each devotional that will be a valuable asset to the reader.

Daily in His Presence is prefaced by a brief overview of Andrew Murray, a man whom Wilkinson calls "Servant of God, Man of Revival." This preface is worth reading over and over to catch the spiritual depth of Murray.

The devotions are to open your mind to grasp the secrets of knowing the Lord. Some subjects that will bless readers are "The Secret of Adoration," "Fellowship with God," "Intercession" and "Brotherly Love." Here is a tool you will be blessed to own and to read as your personal devotion over and again. I highly recommend this wonderful tool.

Leo Smith, retired executive director

Texas Baptist Men


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