Book Reviews: What your body knows about God

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What Your Body Knows about God by Rob Moll (IVP Books)

book moll200World Vision’s communications officer and Christianity Today journalist Rob Moll takes readers on a fascinating journey through some of the latest neuroscience research, exploring how our bodies are designed to connect with God and with others.

Spiritual disciplines such as prayer, worship and service change our brains as they draw us closer to our body’s Creator. The emotional state of a human normally precedes the rational. So, our loves and desires shape our theology and thoughts about the world. Deeply intentional and long-term focus on something changes our habits and behavior. As Moll writes, “Our job, then, is to train our desires to love the right things.” It’s a good takeaway to inform our disciple-making process in the church.

Moll draws from recent scientific data but keeps the subject readable and understandable for the layperson. He also champions the church and its ability to satisfy our hunger for belonging and community.

Reading this book left me amazed, and the rich food for thought fueled a desire to discuss it with others and proclaim this great and wonderful truth: You and I are wired to know the One who created us.

Greg Bowman, pastor

Brock Baptist Church



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You Are More Than You Know by Patsy Clairmont (Worthy)

book clairmont200You Are More Than You Know is the latest work by best-selling author Patsy Clairmont. Brimming with humor and wisdom, she writes of her journey from debilitating fear to a life of freedom through faith in Christ.

Clairmont gives us the gift of transparency as she shares her pain and the hard work of maturing in Christ. With typical candor, she describes a burnout season of her life. “I thought I didn’t have a choice, and I was waiting for someone to rescue me, instead of doing the adult work of taking care of myself,” she writes.

She ends on the delightful note that discovering the uniqueness of our lives is meant to be an adventure. We are more than we know, because the Lord is far more than we can ever imagine. 

While poring through the pages of this book, I forgot the author’s numerous accomplishments as a speaker and writer, but I gained a friend who understands life’s struggles. My personal copy of this book is destined to be dog-eared and marked up from gleaning Patsy Clairmont’s nuggets of wisdom.   

Mary Pat Johns


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