Book Reviews: Which Bible Translation Should I Use?

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Which Bible Translation Should I Use? Edited by Andreas Kostenberger & David Croteau (B&H Academic)

book bible translation200Andreas Kostenberger from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and David Croteau from Liberty University edited this book, which compares four recent translations of the Bible—the New International Version, New Living Translation, Holman Christian Standard Bible and English Standard Version.

Different authors provide an in-depth examination of each translation. This helpful reference work provides a history of Bible translations, and every imaginable translation of Scripture is mentioned or compared to the four versions in question. The rationale behind each translation is explained thoroughly.

The writers take an academic approach, but a lay audience could benefit from the explanations in each chapter. Writers provide background about how each translation originated. The book includes a glossary of terms, an exhaustive bibliography and a wealth of indices.

Readers interested in these translations—or simply the study of all Bible translations and how they came into being—will enjoy this book.

Skip Holman, minister of discipleship

Northeast Baptist Church

San Antonio


Fully Alive: A Journey that Will Change Your Life by Ken Davis (Thomas Nelson Publishers)

book davis200In Fully Alive, Ken Davis offers a captivating personal account of living life to the fullest in all areas—physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Using personal examples from his own struggle to live life to the fullest, the author challenges the reader to let go of the fears keeping them bound and learn to release them to God.

Davis also challenges to reader to keep pressing on in spite of setbacks, recognizing everyone will struggle at some time. The author adds two appendices with helpful books and websites to enable the reader to find a plan or program that suits individual needs best. Above all, Davis urges, “Keep moving forward.”

Fully Alive is the kind of book readers will reach for again and again as they “press on toward the goal that is set before” them. I highly recommend this book. It will encourage you, stretch you, challenge you and most importantly teach you to live Fully Alive.

Terry Ray

Second Baptist Church of Houston, South Campus


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