Review: 9 Common Lies Christians Believe

Jeff Howard reviews "9 Common Lies Christians Believe" by Shane Pruitt.

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9 Common Lies Christians Believe

By Shane Pruitt (Multnomah)

Have well-intentioned people ever tried to encourage you with a “helpful word” that is hollow at best and hurtful at worst? The good news is you are not alone in this experience. Shane Pruitt writes candidly and helpfully about his own experience receiving unhelpful theological statements and the damage they can cause.

Pruitt, like most of us, envisioned what his family would look like. When the reality of adopting a child with a disability came up short of his expectations, Pruitt and his family encountered a slew of “church culture sayings” with no basis on Scripture.

This season of life was the catalyst for Pruitt’s new book.

Shane Pruitt’s 9 Common Lies Christians Believe is a helpful critique of unbiblical advice we hear far too often. From “follow your heart” to “God won’t give you more than you can handle,” Pruitt does an excellent job dismantling these statements and showing how the God of the Bible is far better than what shallow statements offer.

Pruitt’s book is easy to read and full of relatable stories that demonstrate ways these “pieces of advice” fall short of the teachings of Scripture.

If you know someone prone to give well-meaning advice that has no basis in the Bible, or someone on the receiving end of it who needed something better, then 9 Common Lies Christians Believe offers a starting place to bring the grace-giving and awe-inspiring truth of God’s word into their lives.

Jeff Howard, minister to students
First Baptist Church, Plano

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