Review: An Easy Stroll Through a Short Gospel

Editor Eric Black reviews "An Easy Stroll Through a Short Gospel: Meditations on Mark" by Larry Parsley.

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An Easy Stroll Through a Short Gospel: Meditations on Mark

By Larry Parsley (Mockingbird Ministries)

In our high-speed internet world, we have come to expect devotional reading in sound bites. Larry Parsley knows we’re busy and in a hurry. So, he holds up scenes of Jesus’ life just long enough to entice us to love the story of Jesus as much as he does.

An Easy Stroll Through a Short Gospel is the perfect title for what Parsley has given us. He steps through the Gospel of Mark a few verses at a time, drawing the reader’s attention to often-overlooked turns and small details only seen by those who stroll.

And Parsley’s way is easy. His reflections are just a few paragraphs long, and each concludes with a prayer that can be said in a single breath, such as, “Jesus, forgive me for leaning on anything else but you.”

Entries progress through Mark chronologically, but because they are not numbered or dated, the reader can move through the book as he or she chooses.

An Easy Stroll is recommended for the person looking for refreshment or a life-giving read in compressed times. Like the blind man whose sight Jesus restored with two touches, “even blurry visions of Jesus are to be celebrated, a down payment for the day when we shall see him ‘face to face.’ Jesus, touch our eyes, again and again.”

Parsley is the senior pastor of Valley Ranch Baptist Church in Coppell, Texas.

Eric Black, Editor
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