Review: Marathon Faith

Bobbie Bomar Brown reviews "Marathon Faith" by John Van Pay.

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Marathon Faith: Motivation from the Greatest Endurance Runners of the Bible

By John Van Pay (Regnery Faith)

Author John Van Pay is the founding lead pastor of Gateway Fellowship Church in San Antonio, and he loves competing in marathons. In Marathon Faith, he compares his endurance experiences to the struggles Christians face daily.

Chapter after chapter, Van Pay takes readers on a journey through Hebrews 11 and 12, introducing more than 15 Old Testament endurance runners. The author does an excellent job sharing their life stories of finishing their race while enduring hard times. He fills page after page with the positive message: Faith in God made the runners strong enough to finish the race

Bible verses scattered throughout the pages reinforce the authors view—the importance of keeping one’s gaze fixed on Jesus to discover the foundational strength needed to complete the journey of faith. Through the author’s heartfelt stories, readers are encouraged they also can persevere through every trial and temptation. The same faith the Bible characters depended on still is offered today.

Van Pay believes three common perceptions attack a person’s spiritual race—no view of Jesus, a distorted view of Jesus and a low view of Jesus. The author discusses wonderful topics throughout the book, and he fills pages with suggestions on how to have a closer relationship with Jesus. Tips on reading and memorizing Scripture, the importance of prayer and encouragement to put on the armor of God each morning are included. The “Notes” section is a wonderful resource, with all the Bible verses referenced in the book organized by chapter.

If you want to discover a deeper faith in Christ, dig deeper in this book. It is laced with thought-provoking questions that will guide you through many areas concerning your life: What does God say about you? What weight is holding you back? What does it mean to be successful? Who do you look for salvation? Where do you direct your passion? Who sits on the throne of your heart?

Please pick up a copy, read it, give it away then purchase another copy and reread it.

Bobbie Bomar Brown
San Tan Valley, Ariz.

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