Review: Midnight Mom Devotional

Kathy Hillman reviews "Midnight Mom Devotional" by Becky Thompson and Susan K. Pitts.

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Midnight Mom Devotional: 365 Prayers to Put Your Momma Heart to Rest

By Becky Thompson and Susan K. Pitts (WaterBrook)

As an awake-in-the-middle-of-the-night new mother, Becky Thompson realized she was not alone. God wanted to meet her during those moments. She also understood that other new mommies, worried moms, shift-worker mums, prayer-warrior mamas and a myriad of others were up, too. Thus, she birthed Midnight Mom Check-In and posted a nightly prayer on her Midnight Mom Devotional Facebook page. Next month, WaterBrook Publishing will release Midnight Mom Devotional: 365 Prayers to Put Your Momma Heart to Rest.

The beautiful “To You, Momma, Before We Begin” introduces the book. Some 365 single-page dated entries, plus one for February 29, follow. Each starts with “Tonight we pray for the momma who…” and a description of that mother. Next comes a meaningful prayer. Some add Scripture. All end with,  “Tonight I’m praying this for _____,” giving the reader space to write her own name or someone else’s.

The devotionals display broad breadth and great depth of understanding of the love, concern, tiredness, gratitude and dreams of mothers. Prayers address the needs of those about to give birth, those who will never give birth, those who have adopted, and those whose nests are empty. Others focus on mothers “who ran out of gas miles ago” or have a deployed spouse or are “swimming upstream.”

Becky Thompson and Susan Pitts offer Midnight Mom Devotional as a way to end each day praying for the needs of moms and putting one’s own “heart to rest.” Don’t miss this blessing.

Kathy Robinson Hillman, former president

Baptist General Convention of Texas


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