Review: Mommy, Why?

Kathy Hillman and her grandchildren review "Mommy, Why?"

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Mommy, Why?

By Boots Brizendine, illustrated by Mandy Lambright (WestBow Press)

Texan Boots Brizendine fills the pages of Mommy, Why? with 23 questions children have asked moms and dads for generations. Mandy Lambright’s colorful but simple illustrations depict the curious child as a boy, but the author’s answers apply to anyone of any age.

The inquiries begin with “Mommy, why can’t we have summer all the time?” and generally grow more serious, closing with “Mommy, why do we pray?” Brizendine explains from a clear God perspective. Many entries contain Scripture, like the response to, “Mommy, why do I have to do what you tell me to do?” After stating that Mommy is much older and has learned many things, she quotes Ephesians 6:1, “Children, obey your parents.”

Girls and boys especially like choosing the questions they want answered and comparing the book’s answers to the ones their parents have given. One Hillman grandchild selected as her favorite, “Mommy, why are you my Mommy?” The boys opted for “Mommy, why is the devil so bad?” which offers the advice, “Don’t listen to the devil.”

Although written as a children’s book, Mommy, Why? not only answers their questions, the author tackles uncertainties many adults still face.

Sawyer, Tucker and Chandler Hillman, ages 9, 7 and 4, with their grandmother
Kathy Robinson Hillman, former president
Baptist General Convention of Texas

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