Review: Not Born Gay and the Zebra Effect Illusion

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Not Born Gay and the Zebra Effect Illusion

By Iter Tracy Green (Westbow Press)

Writing under the pseudonym “Iter Tracy Green,” the author’s true identity is not revealed “as to not reveal the names and places of the persons involved.” It may be that anonymity protects the author, too, for this book certainly will not be well-received within the current cultural tidal wave in support of same-sex relationships. The book will be appreciated by those affirming Texas Baptists’ official stance on this topic. 

Not Born Gay 200The author covers three main areas.

First, the book tries to counter the official positions of psychological organizations that find no fault in having been “born gay.” Not Born Gay insists those organizations did not base their decisions on science or medicine. Instead, they made their decisions with no proof, due to political pressure for those wanting acceptance all sorts of nontraditional sexual relations, the author says.

Second, the book’s alternative explanation for the origins of same-sex attraction is found exclusively in family and social-environmental factors. The author cites many personal experiences and encounters that fall under that premise.

Finally, the author surveys biblical support for heterosexual marriage and prohibitions of same-sex marriages and relationships. 

While I don’t disagree with the author’s traditional position, I want to caution readers this book is not an in-depth treatment of this subject, and it is not likely to change anyone’s position. It relies heavily on the author’s testimonial evidence, so do not look for an exploration of the more challenging debates regarding same-sex attraction. Think of it as a primer to see if you want to read further on the subject.

Karl Fickling, coordinator

Interim Church Services

Baptist General Convention of Texas

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