Review: Prayer-40 Days of Practice

Editor Eric Black reviews "Prayer: Forty Days of Practice" by Justin McRoberts and Scott Erickson.

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Prayer: Forty Days of Practice

By Justin McRoberts and Scott Erickson (WaterBrook)

Many wonderful books are available on prayer. Richard Foster’s is one of the best. But I don’t think of any of them as something to carry around in my backpack. Prayer: Forty Days of Practice already has become a traveling companion.

Justin McRoberts and Scott Erickson provide an altogether different approach to learning and practicing prayer that is a perfect fit for a distracted, noisy and overcrowded life.

McRoberts offers short, simple and profound prayers that engage contemplation and self-reflection. Each prayer is accompanied by illustrations by Scott Erickson that are themselves prayers equally simple yet requiring their own meditation.

McRoberts evenly dispersed throughout the prayers brief and poignant encouragements to engage six practices: journaling, exercise, fasting, meditation, lament and intercession. He places each practice easily within reach of all of us.

Preceding each practice, McRoberts tells a story. These six stories are worth the book all by themselves.

Prayer is the sort of book you read, not while eating a bowl of cereal, but while pouring it. McRoberts short prayers enable you to hear the sound of the grains hitting the bowl and the milk surrounding them as the voice of God, who loves you enough to sustain you, to keep you around.

This is a small book. It fits well in the hand. Its content fits well in the soul.

Eric Black, executive director, publisher and editor

Baptist Standard

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