Review: Recovering Your Life

Editor Eric Black reviews "Recovering Your Life" by Dan L. Griffin.

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Recovering Your Life!:

How to Let God Help You Overcome Addiction, Depression, Divorce, Failure or Grief

By Dan L. Griffin (JB44 Publishing)

Dan Griffin has been in ministry nearly 60 years. From his wealth of experience, he addresses five of the most common afflictions in modern American society: addiction, depression, divorce, failure and grief.

Griffin recommends a set of behavioral steps to face addiction and another set to face depression. He describes the processes of divorce and grief, revealing neither is a simple one-sided thing that just happens without cause.

Each chapter concludes with a homework assignment composed of prayer, personal affirmations and Bible verses, all of which are meant to be written down and repeated at least three times a day for four weeks.

Since grief is an expression of loss, readers seeking to overcome addiction, depression, divorce and failure would do well to incorporate the chapter on grief into their work.

Recovering Your Life is short and straightforward, not pulling any punches. Someone looking for quick help will find it quickly within its 95 pages. Griffin’s tone is conversational and pastoral.

Eric Black, executive director/editor/publisher
Baptist Standard


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