Review: Shining Night

Kathy Hillman reviews "Shining Night" by Alena Pitts.

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Shining Night

By Alena Pitts with Wynter Pitts (Zonderkidz)

Alena Pitts, whose acting career began with War Room, pens Shining Night as the third in the Lena in the Spotlight Series. The author, who writes with her mother Wynter, targets the stories to preteen and early teen readers. In the first volume, Hello Stars, Lena Daniels, like Alena, wins her first movie role with Christian teen music star Mallory Winston. In the second, Day Dreams & Movie Screens, life returns to normal until Mallory convinces Lena’s parents to let her and her mom join her on tour.

In Shining Night, Lena contends with her growing celebrity while trying to let God shine through. When Mallory sends a memory box from their filming and touring, Lena recalls one special girl at a children’s hospital. The Daniels family soon learns the facility must close, and Caroline and five others who can’t afford the cost will have to return home without needed care. What can they do?

First, they pray. Then Lena and her friends devise a plan to host a Mallory Winston concert to raise $150,000. Of course, they have no idea how difficult “The Big Event” will be with venues, tickets, T-shirts, publicity, sponsors and a mountain of details. However, with the help of Lena’s parents, their principal, a special teacher, classmates and eventually the entire community, they surmount every challenge.

Engaging and enjoyable, Shining Night encourages girls to follow both God and their dreams while affirming the importance of the guidance of families, friends and mentors in that quest.

Sadly, Wynter Pitts, founder of For Girls Like You, died suddenly on July 24, 2018, leaving her husband and four daughters with hurting hearts and without their shining light.

Kathy Robinson Hillman, former president
Baptist General Convention of Texas

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