Review: The Great Lemonade Stand Standoff

Kathy Hillman and grandson Tucker Joseph Hillman, age 9, review "The Great Lemonade Stand Standoff" by Art Rainer.

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The Great Lemonade Stand Standoff

By Art Rainer (B&H Kids)

Finding engaging books for early readers that instill a healthy Christian view of money can be a challenge for parents and teachers. The Great Lemonade Stand Standoff by Art Rainer is a chapter book for girls and boys ages 6 to 9 in grades 1-4 that helps meet that need. In the story, Book 1 in the “Secret Slide Money Club” series, three “fun, smart, crazy kids” face the huge problem of rescuing people from the evil Albatross and becoming his smelly Albies.

Jake, Sophia and Brody and their classmates are raising money for the pet shelter. They’re just $20 short of their goal when they find a small door on the playground. Pushing buttons GIVE-SAVE-LIVE, the door opens, and the children enter the Secret Slide Money Club. The three friends are on their way to becoming secret agents in following the Master’s Money Plan and 2 Corinthians 9:7.

Their mission leads them on a rollicking rocket car ride to Drew, who really wants to raise the $20. The four set up a lemonade stand, but the Albies try to ruin the plan. A lemon fight breaks out because Albatross hates good money choices and anyone who gives away money. Ultimately, the four meet their goal, and Jake, Sophia and Brody achieve the first of three challenges to become secret agents.

The classmates learn many lessons on their adventure, as will boys and girls who read The Great Lemonade Stand Standoff. Breaks like saying the alphabet backwards, fun money facts, and a personal giving challenge add interest to the story. The book is funny and teaches lessons about money in a fun way. Young readers will find the GIVE-SAVE-LIVE motto and the liberal use of cheerful giving easy to remember. Stay tuned for Books 2 and 3 of the Secret Slide Money Club series.

Tucker Joseph Hillman, age 9, with his grandmother

Kathy Robinson Hillman, past president

Baptist General Convention of Texas


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