Review: The Old Testament in Seven Sentences

Kevin Collison reviews "The Old Testament in Seven Sentences."

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The Old Testament in Seven Sentences: A Small Introduction to a Vast Topic

By Christopher J. H. Wright (IVP Academic)

Imagine a friend who discovers a new television show. She has fallen in love with it and subsequently tries to share this love with you through a vague summary of a few episodes. Rarely has this approach won me over. How about you?

Now, imagine another friend has begun or renewed their Christian walk. You love the Scriptures, and you want to share this love with him. Yet how do you do so? A vague summary won’t help in this case either—particularly when it comes to the admittedly strange collection of books we call the Old Testament.

Christopher J. H. Wright’s The Old Testament in Seven Sentences is an introduction to, not merely a summary of, this vast topic. The paperback edition is only 163 pages long. I turned the first page wondering whether anyone could succeed in the task. I turned the last page convinced that Wright was the right person to tackle it.

Anyone who wants to share the heart of the Scriptures would do well to share Wright’s book. To ministers and teachers—here is a great gift to us, which I heartily recommend.

Kevin Collison, pastor

Island View Baptist Church

Orange Park, Fla.

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