Reviews: Books by Joshua Rasmussen

Michael R. Chancellor reviews "How Reason Can Lead to God" and "The Bridge to Reason" by Joshua Rasmussen.

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How Reason Can Lead to God: A Philosopher’s Bridge to Faith

By Joshua Rasmussen (InterVarsity Press Academic)

The Bridge to Reason: Ten Steps to See God

By Joshua Rasmussen (Great Legacy Books)

I first was drawn to these two works by the notion of “reason” leading to a clear picture of God. I am one of those who believes in the pervasive futile thinking of the mind and of the darkened heart (Romans 1:21b).

However, from the beginning of my reading, I was captured by an early experience of Rasmussen that touches an early experience of my own when I also found an interest in questioning—especially my “received faith.” Rasmussen speaks of a pivotal conversation that had the result: “I began to question the origin of everything.”

These two volumes pursue the reality of God from a different perspective. There is a humility that permeates Rasmussen’s writing. There is no apologetic militancy here, but rather an honest journey for truth seekers and explorers who were willing to go where the evidence led.

It would not be incorrect to say Rasmussen has written an autobiography of his journey following the tools of reason to his ultimate discovery of the treasure of God. If this following statement resonates with you, you might find this book an interesting read: “It occurred to me that it takes courage not only to face cold truth, but it also takes courage to look for a treasure before you know whether the treasure is real.”

Michael R. Chancellor, counselor

Round Rock


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