Review: A Sojourner’s Truth

Eric Black reviews "A Sojourner's Truth" by Natasha Sistrunk Robinson.

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A Sojourner’s Truth: Choosing Freedom and Courage in a Divided World

By Natasha Sistrunk Robinson (InterVarsity)

A graduate of the United States Naval Academy. An officer in the Marine Corps. A black woman. I emphasize Robinson’s gender and ethnicity because she does. In the words of James Brown, she’s black, and she’s proud—not in a finger-wagging way but in a Hidden Figures way.

It wasn’t the military that made her strong. It was growing up black in the South. It was looking out for her sister, who was too dark to pass the paper bag test, and her brother, who she hoped wouldn’t be lynched.

Natasha Sistrunk Robinson writes from the deep well of her formative years, weaving the threads of her childhood, youth and young adulthood with the biblical account of Moses and the Exodus, illuminating both with authority that can benefit and challenge Sunday school classes, Bible study groups, families or individual readers.

Robinson applies truth she has learned through hard experience to topics like pain, grace, trust, anger, death, war, building and healing. Each chapter concludes with opportunity for personal application through reflection, Scripture meditation, a call to action and prayer.

I started reading A Sojourner’s Truth for work. I finished reading it for me.

Eric Black, executive director/editor/publisher
Baptist Standard


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