• Review: Last Call for Liberty

    Editor Eric Black reviews “Last Call for Liberty” by Os Guinness.

  • Review: What we lose when hymnbooks disappear

    From our modern vantage point, perhaps we might see hymnals as outdated accessories of a worship service. But hymnbooks have served (and still may serve) a larger purpose. (via Christianity Today)

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    Editor Eric Black reviews “One in Christ” by David D. Ireland.

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    Managing Editor Ken Camp reviews “Walk as Jesus Walked” by James Hassell.

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    Kathy Hillman and her grandchildren review “Mommy, Why?”

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    Emily Rowan reviews “In All Things” by Melissa B. Kruger.

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    Kathy Hillman reviews “Sustainable Children’s Ministry” by Mark DeVries and Annette Safstrom.

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    Kathy Hillman reviews “Right on Track” by Sanya Richards-Ross.

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    Bobbie Bomar Brown reviews “The Dream of You” by Jo Saxton.