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We’re the only Baptist news organization not subsidized by a sponsoring convention. We do not receive Cooperative Program funds or any other financial support from the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

So, we must pay our own way. Along with subscription fees and advertising revenue, gifts from donors like you comprise a vital component of our balanced budget.

Because of friends like you, we’re able to produce …

• The Baptist Standard, the weekly digital news journal

•, our website and home of the latest news

CommonCall, a monthly magazine of inspiring human-interest stories

•, our resources website and social network for teens and young adults

We work hard to make sure your investment in our ministry touches lives. After all, we’re only stewards of the Lord’s resources — time, talent and funds.

You may choose from four key funding options that support the expanse of our ministry. To make a donation, click the "Donate" button under the name of the fund or campaign listed at the end of this page, and you will be directed to a contribution page. The options are …

General Operating Fund

This is our bread and butter, the fund that pays most of our bills. Contributions to the General Operating Fund enable us to gather and report news, secure and disseminate resources, buy Internet bandwith, and pay the rent and the phone bill and our lease. In short, it enables us to fulfill our ministry.

FaithVillage Capital Campaign

FaithVillage is our gift to the Christian world. Through its broad range of resources and powerful social network, it equips Christians and their churches and strengthens ministries across the nation and literally around the globe. The FaithVillage Capital Campaign has enabled us to build and launch this website, and the balance of the campaign will enable us to operate FaithVillage during the early years, providing time for it to become a self-sustaining ministry.

General Endowment Fund

If you want to make a gift that will keep giving until the Lord returns, consider our General Endowment Fund. The principal of this fund — including your gift — is protected and will not be spent. The interest income it generates, combined with interest on gifts from friends throughout the years, is used to support our ongoing operation.

Standard of Freedom Endowment Campaign

Contributions to this campaign are being pooled to endow the position of editor/publisher of the Baptist Standard, CommonCall and FaithVillage. Since 1888, the editor has stood as a sentinel for Baptist freedom, preserving the flow of information to Baptists and other Christians and sustaining their right to understand the people, events and developments that impact their common faith. That’s a role time and technology will not change. This fund will preserve the editorship and its vital role in Baptist life. Gifts may be contributed to the endowment in general or in memory/honor of the six most recent editors:

• David M. Gardner — 1944-1954

• E.S. James — 1954-1966

• John J. Hurt — 1966-1977

• Presnall H. Wood — 1977-1995

• Toby Druin — 1996-1998

• Marv Knox — 1999-present

 If you’d like to know more about ways to give, types of donations, campaigns and estate planning, contact our editor and publisher, Marv Knox, by calling (214) 630-4571 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to send him a personal email.

Your donation is vital. We appreciate it — and you — far more than we can express.


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