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Gifts from donors like you make up a vital portion of our budget. Magazine subscriptions, advertising revenue and endowment income make up only part of what it takes. We do not receive Cooperative Program funds from the Baptist General Convention of Texas, and we’re the only Baptist news organization not subsidized by a sponsoring convention. So, we can’t do this without you.

To make a tax-deductible donation online click here or keep reading for more information about how you can support our ministry. If you would like to support us by check, please mail to: Baptist Standard Publishing, PO Box 259019, Plano TX 75025. To set up monthly or quarterly recurring donations, please contact Kayla Peltoma at (214) 630-4571 ext. 1014 or

IRA tax-deductible donation: If you are 70 ½ years old or older, you may be able to make a gift to the Baptist Standard from your IRA as a Qualified Charitable Distribution, or QCD. You may also have heard this referred to as the IRA charitable rollover.

A QCD allows you to give any amount up to $100,000 from an IRA directly to the Baptist Standard without having to pay income tax on the gifted amount.

A QCD does count toward your required minimum distribution from the IRA, and you can receive income tax benefits for your gift, even if you do not itemize deductions.

We encourage you to talk to your financial advisor to discuss if this type of gift is a good fit for you or to make a QCD to support the Baptist Standard.

Your retirement account also can be a way to remember the Baptist Standard in your estate plan. This would involve naming the Standard as a beneficiary of the retirement account using the plan administrator’s beneficiary designation form.

Most traditional retirement accounts are subject to income tax if left to individual beneficiaries, but a charity will not have to pay income tax on these distributions. This means the full value of the distribution from the retirement account would be available to the Baptist Standard for its charitable purposes.

If you have any questions about charitable gifts from IRAs, or other ways to support the Baptist Standard, you or your advisors may contact Kayla Peltoma at (214) 630-4571 ext. 1014 or


We work hard to make sure your investment in our ministry touches lives. After all, we’re stewards of the Lord’s resources — time, talent and funds. Because of friends like you, we’re able to produce:

  • The Baptist Standard, our digital news publication
  • CommonCall, a monthly magazine of inspiring human-interest stories

We have three key funding options that support the expanse of our ministry.

Current Operating Fund

This is our bread and butter, the fund that pays most of our bills. Contributions to the Current Operating Fund enable us to gather and report news, secure and disseminate resources, buy Internet bandwidth, and pay the phone bill. In short, it enables us to fulfill our ministry.

General Endowment

If you want to make a gift that will keep giving until the Lord returns, consider our General Endowment Fund. The principal of this fund — including your gift — is protected and will not be spent. The interest income it generates, combined with interest on gifts from friends throughout the years, is used to support our ongoing operation.

Standard of Freedom Endowment

Contributions to this fund are being pooled to endow the position of editor of the Baptist Standard. Since 1888, the editor has stood as a sentinel for Baptist freedom, preserving the flow of information to Baptists and other Christians and sustaining their right to understand the people, events and developments that impact their common faith. That’s a role time and technology will not change. This fund will preserve the editorship and its vital role in Baptist life. Gifts may be contributed to the endowment in general or in memory/honor of one of the seven most recent editors, listed below.

  • David M. Gardner — 1944-1954
  • E.S. James — 1954-1966
  • John J. Hurt — 1966-1977
  • Presnall H. Wood — 1977-1995
  • Toby Druin — 1996-1998
  • Marv Knox — 1999-2017
  • Eric Black — 2018-present

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