SBC resolution commends Obama, critiques policies

Southern Baptists both commended President Barack Obama and expressed opposition to some of his policies in a resolution passed June 24 at their annual meeting in Louisville.

Seminary president calls SBC executive’s comments ‘shameful’

The president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary called comments in a speech by the Southern Baptist Executive Committee President Morris Chapman “disingenuous” and “shameful.”

Focus on sharing the gospel, not institutions, speakers urge pastors

PlattSouthern Baptists need to focus less on themselves and their institutions if they hope to make an impact on a world “racing toward hell,” speakers said at the final session of the Southern Baptist Convention Pastors Conference.


Former presidential candidate takes the stage at SBC Pastors Conference

HuckabeeFormer Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee stole the stage during the Monday afternoon session of the Pastors Conference—in more ways than one.


SBC Pastors' Conference wrapup: Focus on love to make impact

Southern Baptists need to focus less on themselves and their institutions and more on the love of Christ if they hope to make an impact on the world, speakers told the Southern Baptist Convention Pastors Conference.

Revival will lead to Great Commission Resurgence, Hunt predicts

HuntRevival in the Southern Baptist Convention will lead to a Great Commission Resurgence, SBC President Johnny Hunt asserted in his president’s address to the convention’s annual meeting.

Loveless gospel attracts no one, Southern Baptist pastors are told

ColsonUntil Baptists demonstrate love for each other, the gospel of love they preach will not attract others, speakers told the opening session of the annual Southern Baptist Pastors’ Conference.


Love-driven unity centers on common mission, Baptist pastors told

Themes of love, forgiveness and unity surfaced throughout the Monday morning session of the Southern Baptist Pastors Conference as speakers developed the theme of “What If? One Love.”

Baptist ministers urge passage of climate-change bill

A total of 140 moderate Baptist leaders signed a June 18 letter urging passage of a comprehensive energy bill that includes caps on emissions linked to global warming.

Baptist Briefs

Pam Durso of Atlanta has been hired as the new full-time executive director for Baptist Women in Ministry.

Baptism neither a means of obtaining grace nor a trivial ritual

By looking back to their beliefs and practices from the mid-18th century to the early 19th century, Baptists can reclaim a view of baptism between the extremes of sacramentalism and “mere symbolism,” church historian and theologian Sheila Klopfer said.

Ordination practices reveal a tangled web of Bible, theology and tradition

Pragmatism and tradition have stood alongside biblical and theological principles in shaping Baptist ordination practices, church historian Karen Bullock told the B.H. Carroll Theological Institute colloquy.

Baptists’ grass-roots identity helped spread key ideas

While Baptists may not be able to claim sole credit as the originators of ideas such as religious liberty and the modern missionary movement, the denomination’s identification with common folk helped them become “popularizers” of these and of other significant ideas, Baptist historian Carol Holcomb suggested.

Baptists urged to remember their roots, consider risks of ‘majoritarian faith’

Baptists in the United States—who find themselves members of a religious majority or plurality in many areas—would do well to remember their humble beginnings as a persecuted minority and to reconsider the dangers of a “majoritarian faith,” Baptist scholar Doug Weaver urged at a recent Baptist history conference.

Former SBC leader takes on 'emergent church'

Thirty years after ridding the Southern Baptist Convention of theological liberalism, the nation's largest non-Catholic religious organization now faces a different kind of liberalism from within, warns a Missouri layman and former member of the SBC Executive Committee.
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