Doctorates in a missional world

Do you need a doctorate to minister in a missional world?

Brian McLaren says doctorates and other advanced degrees will have a place in missional and other church movements, while others doubt that Millennials and many young Christians will care their pastor has a Ph.D.

C. S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis’ legacy greater in U.S. than in his homeland

As the 50th anniversary of the death of C. S. Lewis approaches, why did his native Britain view one of the world’s greatest Christian apologists with such indifference?

Faith Digest

Faith Digest: Female cardinals not 'realistic'

A Vatican spokesman moved to quash speculation at least two women would be among the cardinals Pope Francis will name in February, saying such a move is “not a realistic possibility.”

Giving decreasing

Church giving reaches Depression-era record lows

Collection plates are growing even lighter as Protestant church member giving reached new lows in 2011, and tithing probably will not recover from the recession, according to a new report by Empty Tomb, a Christian research group.

Hollywood and the Bible

Hollywood looks to the Bible for screenplay potential

Studios and filmmakers are rediscovering a classic text as source material for upcoming mainstream movies—the Bible.

Faith Digest

Faith Digest: Academy drops ‘God’ from oath

U.S. Air Force Academy cadets no longer will be required to include the words “so help me God” when taking their annual honor oath.

Church and politics

IRS to churches: Don't endorse candidates

With another big election year on the horizon, the IRS has a message for churches -- the tax code expressly disallows all 501c3 organizations from political involvement. But some organizations don't agree.

church and politics

Politicking and pulpits—setting the historical context

Because of a senator’s action in 1954, churches have been included with certain other tax-exempt organizations restricted from electioneering—publicly endorsing or working against candidates for political office.

Breaking bread

Breaking bread in faith and love

Dinners after Sunday church, or around the Sabbath Friday night table for Jewish families, have inspired two new books, packed with stories and recipes from Christian and Jewish traditions.

Faith Digest

Faith Digest: Monks free to make caskets

A group of Catholic monks can continue selling their handmade caskets after the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from the Louisiana State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors in their case against the brothers of St. Joseph Abbey.

Jason Russell

Jason Russell back after Kony 2012, breakdown

A campaign to arrest an African warlord generated awareness in more ways than the effort’s co-founder Jason Russell could have imagined.

Church news outlets

Church news outlets struggle to maintain editorial standards

The closing of several Protestant denominational newspapers, magazines and other news services has played a part in eroding the standards of professional religious journalism, according to members of the Associated Church Press.

Hispanic Nones

Hispanics increasingly identify as ‘nones’

The number of Hispanic-Americans who say they adhere to no religion is growing and now rivals the number of Hispanic evangelicals, a new study has found.

Staying motivated

Staying motivated while serving the poor demands discipline

Chronic poverty, hunger and homelessness can leave even the most committed Christian activists feeling overwhelmed and defeated.

Faith Digest

Faith Digest: Malaysia: 'Allah' only for Muslims

A court in Muslim-majority Malaysia unanimously ruled only Muslims are permitted to use the Arabic word “Allah” to describe God.

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