NFL violence and high school prayers OK with most fans

NFL violence and high school prayers OK with most fans

For all the headlines about football violence, concussions and player injuries, watching football is not a “guilty pleasure” for many Americans. It’s just a pleasure, a new survey finds.


Study: fewer young people see marriage, procreation prerequisites for sex

A new Barna study shows that Gen-Xers and Millennials — including those who identify as Christian — are much less likely than older Americans to see marriage and procreation as a necessary condition for sex.  From BNG


Hard to lay odds on how Americans view sports betting

Most Americans believe wagering on sports isn’t morally wrong, but nearly half think it should be illegal anyway.

Former pastors says lack of support led them to leave

Former pastors say lack of support led them to leave pastorate

Nearly half of surveyed pastors who left the pastorate before retirement age say their church's search committee did not accurately describe the congregation before their arrival. And about half say seminary didn't prepare them for the "people side" of pastoral ministry.


Marketed faith fuels Millennials’ distrust of church

American churches already struggling with ways to attract young people got more bad news: Millennials don’t like them very much. Worse yet, their esteem of religious organizations is dropping right along with that of the news media, a Pew Research Center survey says. From BNG


Survey: Churches increasingly unwilling to adapt

Research shows that while many churches have found success by embracing change, many more view adaptation much more skeptically. From BNG

There's no place like church for the holidays

There’s no place like church for the holidays—if invited

Christmas is a great time to invite someone to church, a recent study by LifeWay Research reveals.

Small churches err in copying

Small congregations err in copying megachurch style, experts say

Congregational health experts say smaller churches should tread carefully in copying the styles of worship and ministry that contribute to megachurch growth.

New churches draw people

New churches draw people who previously didn’t attend

America is launching new Protestant churches faster than it loses old ones, attracting many people who previously didn’t attend anywhere, new LifeWay Research studies show.

Chris Tomlin encourages reflection

Chris Tomlin encourages reflection and response

In the busy days leading to Christmas, recording artist Chris Tomlin wants to help listeners respond to the reason for the season with the reflective worship songs on his second Christmas album, Adore.

Megachurch boom rolls on

Megachurch boom rolls on but concerns rise

More Americans participate in megachurch worship than ever. But individual attendance is down to once or twice a month—or less.


Advent story filled with stress, minister says

Christians shouldn’t set their expectations too high during Advent, because the season itself has a touch of stress built into it, some ministers insist.

Guardians of Christmas reap publicity—and donations

Guardians of Christmas reap publicity—and donations

Campaigns to “Keep Christ in Christmas” generate publicity and bring in donations but often make no dent in buying behavior by the public, according to consumer studies.


Faith and family on the Thanksgiving menu for most Americans

Americans tell researchers Thankgiving is about faith and family—more than food, football and shopping.


Should prayer be banned in sports as performance enhancing?

Some experts wonder if prayer—and even faith overall—could come under scrutiny in the debate over performance-enhancing drugs, technology and techniques in modern sports.

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