Study says recession catching up to churches

After two years of only moderate impact on offerings, the recession has caught up with America's churches, according to new figures by LifeWay Research.

Forgiveness for black church arsons theme of new drama

Marcus Gardley's latest production, Every Tongue Confess, seeks answers to the questions that swirled around the spate of arsons that hit black churches in the South in the 1990s.

Christmas loss: How to help

Chaplain Mark Grace vice president of mission and ministry at Baylor Health Care System, offers suggestions to churches as they seek to minister to people who have sustained loss.

Joy and happiness not the same thing, pastors insist

Christians can experience joy even in loss—provided they don’t confuse joy with happiness but accept it as a gift from God, several pastors noted.

Christmas Loss: Suggested Reading

Pastors recommended the following books as particularly helpful to people who have experienced loss and to Christians who are seeking to minister to them.

Faith Digest: Clergy have middling reputation

What do nurses, soldiers, pharmacists, elementary school teachers, doctors and police officers have in common? Americans say they all are more ethical and honest than members of the clergy, according to a new Gallup survey.

Journey of loss, grief, faith for Selah singer's family

Angie Smith and her husband, Todd, who sings with the Dove Award-winning group Selah, have experienced tragic loss and grief, but they insist their faith sustained them through life’s hardest moments.

Joy to the World?

Some people who have experienced significant loss in the recent past find the holiday season extremely difficult to deal with. Churches can help.

Author says marriage not obsolete but needs restoration

Marriage isn't obsolete, but it is getting rarer, says an evangelical social scientist who sparked controversy a year ago with articles in major publications making a case for early marriage.

Charity warns: beware of holiday debt

A Christian debt-counseling charity in the United Kingdom is calling on people to avoid using credit cards and loans to pay for their Christmas shopping this year.

Bible reading shaped life, decisions, Bush writes

Former President George W. Bush in his recently released memoir, Decision Points, says he never would have made it to the White House without a fateful—and faith-filled—decision to quit drinking in 1986.



Q&A with Dave Ramsey on moral decision-making

Dave Ramsey is founder of the Lampo Group and one of the most widely recognized experts on the intersection of Christian principles and personal finance. He agreed to an e-mail interview about ethical financial decision-making for Christians.

Fair Trade movement has Christian roots

Christian groups have taken up selling fair-trade products that offer consumers the choice of purchasing a product from a company whose business practices maximize economic good for the consumer, the seller's bottom line and the originators of the product.


Faith Digest

When asked about Christianity’s recent contributions to society, Americans cited more negatives than benefits, according to a recent Barna Group survey.

Choosing wisely in financial decisions

Even a financial decision as seemingly mundane as where to buy your morning coffee can have profound moral implications. 
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