Charity warns: beware of holiday debt

A Christian debt-counseling charity in the United Kingdom is calling on people to avoid using credit cards and loans to pay for their Christmas shopping this year.

Bible reading shaped life, decisions, Bush writes

Former President George W. Bush in his recently released memoir, Decision Points, says he never would have made it to the White House without a fateful—and faith-filled—decision to quit drinking in 1986.



Q&A with Dave Ramsey on moral decision-making

Dave Ramsey is founder of the Lampo Group and one of the most widely recognized experts on the intersection of Christian principles and personal finance. He agreed to an e-mail interview about ethical financial decision-making for Christians.

Fair Trade movement has Christian roots

Christian groups have taken up selling fair-trade products that offer consumers the choice of purchasing a product from a company whose business practices maximize economic good for the consumer, the seller's bottom line and the originators of the product.


Faith Digest

When asked about Christianity’s recent contributions to society, Americans cited more negatives than benefits, according to a recent Barna Group survey.

Choosing wisely in financial decisions

Even a financial decision as seemingly mundane as where to buy your morning coffee can have profound moral implications. 

Music into manna: symphony concert benefits church's hunger ministry

A free concert at a Fort Worth church turned into a blessing for the city's hungry and homeless. An offering during the 90-minute concert in the sanctuary of Broadway Baptist Church on Nov. 16 raised $5,600 for the church's Agape Meal ministry.


Harry Potter presents a gospel narrative, professor says

A bespectacled teenaged wizard with a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead may not fit most people’s picture of Christ, but Christian pop culture observer Greg Garrett definitely sees the similarities.



Faith Digest: How much is a Bible website worth?

A disgruntled investor has sued, saying the website’s name alone should make it a “goldmine.” James Solakian filed suit against, according to the Reuters news agency.

U.S. is feeling charitable, just not through churches

Americans are being more generous to religious charities, but why are they skimping on their giving to churches? A new report found that from 2007 to 2008, giving to religious charities went up, but giving to churches went down.

Young Christians seek community among the poor

About a dozen young Christian men and women have made the rough-and-tumble Barberry Village complex in Gresham, Ore., their home. Their goal: create a sense of community in a chaotic neighborhood overrun with drugs, prostitution and gangs.

Faith Digest

As the United States has grown more diverse, more Americans believe being a Christian is a key aspect of being “truly American,” researchers say.

Michael W. Smith reflects on the wonder of worship

For almost 30 years, Michael W. Smith has been taking listeners on a musical journey into the heart of worship. His newest album, Wonder, chronicles songs about life’s most heart-wrenching moments, as well as the unexpected joys.

Photographers capture infants’ brief lives on film

A Colorado-based group, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, sends professional photographers—if the families request them—to record the heartbreaking moments after a baby has died, preserving images sacred with the weight of life and loss. Video Included

‘Love makes a difference’ for children who need homes, musician insists

While performing concerts around the country, Dove Award-winning recording artist Mark Schultz often shares his testimony and personal story of adoption in hopes of raising awareness for orphan care and helping young families recognize this desperate need.
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