Photographers capture infants’ brief lives on film

A Colorado-based group, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, sends professional photographers—if the families request them—to record the heartbreaking moments after a baby has died, preserving images sacred with the weight of life and loss. Video Included

‘Love makes a difference’ for children who need homes, musician insists

While performing concerts around the country, Dove Award-winning recording artist Mark Schultz often shares his testimony and personal story of adoption in hopes of raising awareness for orphan care and helping young families recognize this desperate need.

Small dedicated following keeps shape-note singing alive

Throughout the 1800s, the mournful harmonious sounds of a capella shape-note singing reverberated in churches throughout the South. It’s now experiencing a renaissance of sorts in Sacred Harp songbooks and conventions.

Resort ministry chaplains trained at Chaplain University

Thirty-one students who completed Chaplain University, a training program offered by Christian Resort Ministries International, have been endorsed and qualified for service in RV parks and other recreational settings throughout the United States.

Faith Digest: Crystal Cathedral in trouble

The Crystal Cathedral, the gleaming Southern California megachurch known for its Hour of Power television broadcast, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection from creditors.

Study finds large churches can do better at retaining members

Large congregations are more likely than small churches to emphasize evangelism and recruitment of new members but significantly less likely to contact members who stop attending, according to a recent study.

‘Unchurched’ studies seek to understand why people leave

Seeking to develop strategies to prevent formerly active members from leaving through the so-called “back door,” LifeWay Research has conducted surveys to better understand why people leave.

How many versions of the Bible do we really need?

Experts say it’s nearly impossible to calculate exactly how many Bibles are sold each year. But one thing is clear: The Good Book is great for business.

Christian band Bluetree on a mission to stand out

Just as the band’s name reflects its one-of-a-kind identity, the Irish modern worship band Bluetree desires to stand out and make a difference by leading worship in places seldom reached with the gospel because of political oppression.

Harvard scholar holds the threads to social fabric

Harvard University scholar Robert Putnam's new book, American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us, plumbs the apparent divide between religious and nonreligious Americans.

American Shariah? That’s news to Muslims in U.S.

Many politicians ominously warn that Muslims are determined to impose Shariah law on the U.S. legal system. The odd thing is that no one is calling for Shariah—including and especially Muslims.

Why do people leave churches?

Many churches and denominations put a lot of effort into attracting new members only to lose many of them through a “back door.” But why do they go?



Faith Digest

A Sikh employee of AutoZone has sued his employer, asserting he was harassed for wearing a turban.

Governing multi-site churches like franchising a business

As some congregations reach out to minister beyond their church campus, many have chosen to begin second or third or more sites under the church umbrella. Adding more sites usually means adjusting the congregation’s governing structure.

Can a church be congregational in polity and have elders?

The concept of the priesthood of the believer gave rise to the congregational form of church governance—each member having a say in the decisions the church makes, from calling a pastor to determining the color of the nursery walls. But that can often be unwieldy and slow.
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