Books challenge consumer-driven church model

Two new books challenge Christians to restore their faith to its true mission and forsake a consumerist mentality some churches adapt in a bid to meet members’ needs.

Prescription for spiritual caregivers: ‘Physician, heal thyself’

A survey of United Methodist ministers in North Carolina found them significantly more obese than their socio-economic peers in the general population. Ministers also suffered higher rates for chronic diseases like high blood pressure, asthma and diabetes.

Christian counselors say they encounter discrimination over views on homosexuality

When are religious views on homosexuality an issue of religious and academic freedom, and when are they discrimination? That’s a question raised by counselors and educators across the country.

Living in the midst of fear challenging but possible

Peaceful living in a fear-provoking environment is challenging, even—maybe especially—for Christians. Church leaders suggested several ways Christians can confront fear.

Faith, fear clash in middle Tennessee over proposed mosque

Fear and faith have divided residents of Murfreesboro, Tenn., since the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro bought roughly 15 acres of land last November to build a mega-church-style mosque facility just outside the city limits.

Does gay debate mirror church dispute on slavery?

Many Protestant progressives have sought to align the fight for gay rights with abolitionism. But while there are striking parallels, historians caution that important differences emerge upon close examination.

Fear not, Jesus said– but some Christians still do

Perfect love, wrote the Apostle John, casts out fear. But 2,000 years after those words were written, Christians' response to fear often is indistinguishable from that of the society in which they live.

Faith Digest

Concerns about pollution and water quality have prompted an environmental advocacy group to call for banning baptisms in the lower Jordan River, where the Bible says Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist.

Outside financial monitoring less common in Bible Belt companies

Companies in the Bible Belt are less likely to be sued for accounting fraud or to practice aggressive financial reporting, a study indicates.

Duvall talks faith on film, except his own

Robert DuvallActor Robert Duvall's characters often are touched by faith, from washed-up country singer Mac Sledge in Tender Mercies to a hermit in his summer release, Get Low.Video Included

Christian higher education not spared from recession’s impact

God makes rain fall on the just and the unjust, Jesus said. Similarly, recession makes market prices fall, affecting endowments of Christian higher education and secular universities alike.

Baptist higher education traces long tradition

Baptist higher education stands on the shoulders of a long tradition in Christianity linking knowledge to faith. The Apostle Paul, many of the early church fathers and important theologians like Augustine were respected for knowledge, both in religious and secular realms.

Devout less stressed than nonbelievers

Religion may provide a “buffer” allowing the devout to feel less anxiety when they make mistakes, compared with nonbelievers, according to new scientific research.

School Daze: Change in the air

Challenges to Baptist higher education that include finances, changing demographics and fragmentation of Baptist denominations are prompting insiders to reassess what it means to be a distinctively “Baptist” institution of higher learning.

Fight over N.Y. mosque becomes a partisan wedge issue

What started as a local zoning debate about an Islamic center near Ground Zero morphed into a fight over religious expression, and now it has turned into an election-year political brawl.
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