Humor an important spiritual practice, theologian asserts

Humor doesn’t show up on any spiritual practice list. But Richard Olson hopes to make that happen. “Humor is a very important spiritual practice, especially for those under stress and turmoil,” he said.

Bill Thorn: Paint a picture with words

The secret to being humorous is same as most things in life, Bill Thorn believes—take what God has entrusted to you, work hard to polish it and be the individual you were created to be.

After condemning greed, what should Christians do about the economy?

Ever since the Great Recession began in the fall of 2008, Christians and other faith leaders have criticized the speculative excess and greed that led to the crisis. A consensus on what to do about it, however, has yet to emerge.

Secular Jew writes about two years spent undercover in Falwell's church

Gina Welch, who was raised in a secular Jewish family, decided to undertake an audacious experiment in the fall of 2005. She would go undercover and pretend to be a conservative evangelical. And she would do it in—of all places—Jerry Falwell’s church in Lynchburg, Va.

Faith Digest

One year after a majority of Americans said they hoped the economy wouldn’t affect their church giving, three in 10 Americans now say they are putting less in the offering plate, a Barna Group study shows.

Author worries online communities are hurting real ones

Jesse Rice, author of The Church of Facebook: How the Hyperconnected Are Redefining Community, warns that the new social media can encourage attitudes and behaviors that don’t work as well in real life.

Germans’ mega Passion play is back, and Jews are watching

With its focus on the last days of Jesus’ life, a Passion play should, by its nature, arouse passions. But in Oberammergau, the world’s most famous Passion play keeps stirring the wrong kind.

Economic squeeze produces a new kind of seminarian

When Newton, Mass., artist Paula Rendino needed fresh inspiration, she sought her muse in an unlikely place—seminary.

In Alabama, coach has more Facebook fans than God does

University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban may not be bigger than God in Alabama, but he has more fans on Facebook.

Social networking and Christian community

Social networking sites have tremendous potential for Christians as a place where community-building occurs according to ethicist Bill Tillman. At the same time, ill-chosen words can rupture relationships and damage character.

Faith Digest: Tebow ad confusing

Focus on the Family’s Super Bowl ad featuring star quarterback Tim Tebow may have gotten a lot of press but left many viewers with confusion regarding the commercial’s meaning and sponsor, according to the Barna Group.

Analysis: What does the Bible say about lending practices?

The dramatic increase of payday lender storefronts in Texas has left some Christians wondering how to respond. What does Scripture say about high interest rates? Can the church offer solutions?

Nearly half of Americans admit to anti-Muslim bias

Close to half of Americans admit to harboring prejudice against Muslims and negative feelings about Islam, a new study from the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies shows.

When churches die, can they live again?

Phil Rodgerson, retired from the Virginia Baptist Mission Board, has identified classic options churches often consider when facing their own demise. Unfortunately, 58 percent of the time, the church chooses to remain and do nothing—an approach that almost guarantees an inglorious end.

For churches, how much risk really is too much?

In the wake of the Catholic Church’s clergy sexual abuse crises and several church shooting incidents in recent years, risk has become a hot topic for churches.
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