Seminary professors attack new book by Brian McLaren

Brian McLaren, a leader in the "emergent church" movement who roiled evangelical waters in 2004 with his book A Generous Orthodoxy, is at it again. And his latest book has drawn fire from professors at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.


Most church websites ineffective, but technology can yield blessings

A poll conducted by Christian technology company Endis indicates that when churches deliberately focus their websites on attracting outsiders, they see a corresponding rise in the number of non-Christian visitors.

Dove Award nominees keep spotlight on Christ

The Dove Awards may be the biggest night of the year for the Gospel Music Association, but through testimonies and songs of praise, the spotlight remains shining brightly on Christ.

Fewer than half of Americans link Easter to Resurrection

While most Americans describe Easter as a religious holiday, fewer than half of the adults surveyed link it specifically to the Resurrection of Jesus, a Barna Group study shows.

Faith Digest

A phone survey of 1,002 adults revealed 66 percent of Americans believe the United States has an obligation to assist poverty-stricken children around the world.

A Time to Laugh

What is the role of laughter and humor for Christians? When should believers take time to laugh?

Grieving comic says humor, like hope, springs eternal

Jinny Henson is heading back to the comedy circuit with a major event April 24 in Pearland, and an August date in Monroe, La., for the first time since her daughter's death at age 12 from injuries received in a tragic church bus accident last summer.

Laughter is the best medicine … except when it’s a bitter pill to swallow

Something that strikes one person as funny—even something heard at church—may seem inappropriate to another. How can believers strike a balance as they use humor and laughter in ministry?

Grady Nutt a pacesetter for Christian comedy

Grady Nutt, a Baptist minister who attained national fame as the “Prime Minister of Humor” in 1979 as a regular cast member of the popular television series “Hee Haw,” was at the pinnacle of his career when he died in a plane crash after a speaking engagement in Alabama at age 48.

Humor an important spiritual practice, theologian asserts

Humor doesn’t show up on any spiritual practice list. But Richard Olson hopes to make that happen. “Humor is a very important spiritual practice, especially for those under stress and turmoil,” he said.

Bill Thorn: Paint a picture with words

The secret to being humorous is same as most things in life, Bill Thorn believes—take what God has entrusted to you, work hard to polish it and be the individual you were created to be.

After condemning greed, what should Christians do about the economy?

Ever since the Great Recession began in the fall of 2008, Christians and other faith leaders have criticized the speculative excess and greed that led to the crisis. A consensus on what to do about it, however, has yet to emerge.

Secular Jew writes about two years spent undercover in Falwell's church

Gina Welch, who was raised in a secular Jewish family, decided to undertake an audacious experiment in the fall of 2005. She would go undercover and pretend to be a conservative evangelical. And she would do it in—of all places—Jerry Falwell’s church in Lynchburg, Va.

Faith Digest

One year after a majority of Americans said they hoped the economy wouldn’t affect their church giving, three in 10 Americans now say they are putting less in the offering plate, a Barna Group study shows.

Author worries online communities are hurting real ones

Jesse Rice, author of The Church of Facebook: How the Hyperconnected Are Redefining Community, warns that the new social media can encourage attitudes and behaviors that don’t work as well in real life.
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