Faith-based alliance seeks health care for working poor

The New Orleans Faith Health Alliance aspires to be the doctor’s office for people who are working but without health insurance.

Catholic scholar among experts named to White House bioethics panel

President Obama has named 10 medical and legal experts—including a Franciscan friar—to a commission that will advise the White House on bioethical issues.

Survey finds Africa is most religious part of world

Researchers say they’ve found the most religious place on Earth—between the southern border of the Sahara Desert and the tip of South Africa.

Biomedical ethics in a brave, new world

When a Texas pastor exhausted treatments available for his multiple sclerosis and began looking at other options, he excluded embryonic stem cell treatments. But then his condition worsened.

University backs seminary president amid charges of misrepresentation

The president of Liberty Theological Seminary, who apologized in February for calling the head of the International Mission Board a liar, is now being questioned about his own testimony of conversion from radical Islam to Christianity.


Baptist scholars view Noah's Ark discovery claims with skepticism

As the newest reported discovery of Noah's Ark raised doubts even among fellow Ark-hunters, two Baptist seminary professors said Christians should not rest their faith on whether remains of an ancient vessel are ever found high in the mountains of Turkey.

Bhutanese refugees enjoy a day in the country

About 40 Bhutanese traveled from Dallas to Sabine Creek Ranch, south of Royse City, as a part of a fun day for the refugee families.

Dove Award-winners emphasize desire to make a difference

Singer/songwriter Brandon Heath and the groups Jars of Clay and Casting Crowns took top honors at the Dove Awards, sponsored by the Gospel Music Association.

Muslims see double standard in ‘terrorist’ label

When 19 Muslim men crashed two planes into the World Trade Center, it was widely labeled “Islamic terrorism.” So, when nine members of a Michigan-based Christian militia laid plans to gun down police officers, is it “Christian terrorism?” Many Muslims, and others, think it should be.

What if Jesus walked on the waters of Lake Wobegon?

For the past two years, Lipscomb religion professor Lee Camp has been hosting Tokens, Nashville’s “new, old-time radio show,” which offers a mix of theology, A-list local musicians, and a hearty helping of Southern-flavored satire.



As controversy lingers, Shroud of Turin still draws a crowd

The Shroud of Turin, long venerated as the actual burial cloth of Jesus, is being exhibited in the Duomo Di San Giovanni Battista in Turin, Italy, for six weeks ending May 23.

Most 'Millennials' don't pray, read Bible or attend church

Two thirds of Americans born between 1980 and 1991 identify themselves as Christians, but most do not regularly pray, read the Bible or attend church, according to findings of a new LifeWay Research study.

Faith Digest

Muslims in England are demanding the British army apologize for using apparent replicas of mosques for target practice on a firing range.

First-person reflection: Visiting an old Landmark

Most of the baptisms I had seen over the years were not adults but children, some at a very young age. I am sure a preschooler can believe that Jesus is his Savior, but I wonder how much it really means when she also believes in Santa Claus or that storks deliver babies.

Churches try varied ways to approach question of membership and baptism

Baptism and local church membership have been inextricably linked historically in the minds of many Baptists. But that view is shifting as a decline in denominational loyalty and the easy movement of American Christians among churches of all stripes have created what writer Phyllis Tickle is calling the “great emergence”—a swirling convergence of denominational traditions toward a spiritual Christian core.
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