Evangelicals push "€˜theology of sex,"€™ emphasize abortion reduction

The National Association of Evangelicals has launched an initiative to reduce abortions by promoting a “theology of sex” for churches and pledging to find common ground with opponents on abortion.


National Cathedral considers selling rare treasures

Facing a reduced budget and a third round of layoffs, officials at Washington National Cathedral are considering disposing of rare books no longer considered part of its central mission.

Baptists view growing Hispanic population as opportunity

The Census Bureau reports the Hispanic population in the United States has more than doubled in the last 20 years. Many evangelical Christians view that as a new mission field.

Churches scramble to meet FCC rules on wireless microphones

American churches have less than one week to change their wireless microphone equipment or face more than $100,000 in fines. In January, the Federal Communications Commission mandated that anyone using wireless microphones on the 700 MHz band must stop by June 12 in order to make room for use by police, fire and emergency services.

Faith Digest

A federal judge has rejected a motion filed by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to dismiss a California lawsuit that challenges tax breaks ministers can receive on housing.

Musician ministers to teens struggling with cutting

As singer/songwriter Lanae’ Hale performs concerts around the country, she shares an intensely personal message with teenagers and young adults about how God helped her to overcome a battle with cutting and depression.Video Included

Churches adapt to change by planting multiple campuses

Pleasant Valley Baptist Church in Liberty, Mo., and Air Baptist Church in Richmond, Va., started separate congregations to minister to differing geographic areas or a particular ministry focus. But most multisites remain together because of their shared spiritual DNA.

Church and founding pastor either grow together, or somebody moves on

Whether the founding pastor of a church matures with the congregation or moves on once the new work is well established depends on a host of factors, according to three church-growth and church-planting experts. And either the initial focus on which the church started or the pastor must change for the church to move forward, the three believe.

Death in a minister's family means transitions in ministry, identity

The death of a minister—or the minister’s spouse—marks a difficult phase in the life of both the church and the pastor’s family. The church and the spouse left behind must deal with the loss of that team concept, the intertwining of gifts and calling when a pastor or his or her mate passes away.

Student ministers face challenges as age separates them from youth

Age can influence the career direction a youth minister or campus minister takes. Family transitions may lead to a ministry change, or the minister may feel age has separated him or her from students.

Clergy shortage turns to ministerial glut in some denominations

After a decade-long clergy shortage in America’s pulpits, Christian denominations are now experiencing a clergy glut—with some denominations reporting two ministers for every vacant pulpit.

If there’s a just way to wage war, what about ending one?

As the United States prepares to reduce troop levels in Iraq this summer and Afghanistan next year, the 1,500-year-old "just war" theory is being deployed on a less familiar mission—ending the wars ethically.

Book draws on music of U2 to call for Christian unity

A new book written by a Baptist professor applies theological themes found in the music of the Irish rock band U2 to the quest for Christian unity.

Faith Digest: U.S. Catholics vexed at Vatican

Nearly three-quarters of Catholics in the United States believe the Vatican tried to cover up clergy sex abuse, and a majority says Pope Benedict XVI has handled recent reports of past abuse poorly, according to a new poll, but less than 10 percent have considered leaving the Catholic Church over the issue.

For shy worshippers, church can be totally overwhelming

Recent studies reveal introverts make up roughly half of the population. And an  introverted personality can sometimes clash with the prayer-and-share ethos in Christian churches.
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