March on Washington

Participants recall 1963 March on Washington

Participants in the 1963 March on Washington reflect on their lasting memories of the event 50 years ago and how it shaped their faith.

Obama healthcare reform

Obamacare fight spells trouble for church insurance

An “all-or-nothing” effort to repeal Obamacare could doom efforts to tweak the health care reform bill to fill a gap for church health insurance plans.

Ambivalent on gays

Evangelical ‘Messy Middle’ ambivalent on gay rights

A new voice emerging in the evangelical community is turning away from the church’s vocal opposition to homosexuality in favor of a more nuanced attitude toward gay rights.

Public Religion Research Institute

Americans differ on meaning of 'religious'

A lopsided divide exists in America about what it means to be a religious person, with a majority believing it’s about acting morally but a strong minority equating it with faith.

Military religion

Conservatives say religious freedom under attack in military

Republican lawmakers and conservative activists who believe religious expression in the military is “under attack” are rallying behind a measure to provide greater protection for religious actions and speech in the armed forces.

Westboro Baptist

White House says it can’t list Westboro Baptist as ‘hate group’

In response to five “We the People” petitions, the White House condemned the actions of Westboro Baptist Church but said it is powerless to list the Kansas church as a hate group and remove its tax-exempt status.

Arizona fire memorial

When firefighters fall, chaplains stand

As friends and families reeled from the news 19 elite firefighters died battling an Arizona wildfire, the work of some of their spiritual comrades began. Fire chaplains stepped up to support the grieving, just as they did after 9/11 and the recent fertilizer plant explosion in West.

Battle of Gettysburg

New Gettysburg museum explores role of faith in Civil War

On the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, Seminary Ridge Museum on the campus of Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg takes visitors into the minds of those who fought and explores their conflicting ideas of freedom.

Hobby Lobby appeal

Hobby Lobby wins legal appeal

The Southern Baptist owners of Hobby Lobby won’t have to pay millions of dollars in fines, thanks to a federal appeals court ruling June 27 allowing the Oklahoma-based retailer to proceed with its lawsuit challenging Obamacare.

Church shootings

Feds release first guidelines for confronting a church shooter

For the first time, the federal government has issued written guidelines for houses of worship confronted with a homicidal gunman.

Supreme Court gay marriage

Analysis: Religious conservatives ponder next move

Twin Supreme Court rulings that further opened the door for same-sex marriage in the United States were not entirely unexpected. The real question is what opponents of same-sex marriage will do now.

National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast

Hispanic ministers press lawmakers on immigration reform

With a July 4 deadline looming for an immigration reform vote on Capitol Hill, politicians and clergy at the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast pushed lawmakers to reach common ground.


Religious freedom panel lacks real power, activists insist

Fifteen years after Congress created an independent watchdog panel to oversee global religious freedom, the panel has little power and little influence, activists told lawmakers.

gay marriage

Gay marriage inevitable? Most Americans think so

Close to three-fours of Americans say legal recognition of same-sex marriage is “inevitable,” according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center.

Lincoln, faith and emancipation

Faith prompted Emancipation Proclamation, scholar insists

A “profound spiritual odyssey” prompted Abraham Lincoln’s crafting of the Emancipation Proclamation, one of “the most revolutionary documents ever signed by an American president,” a prominent religious historian told a conference on racial reconciliation.

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