Secession theology runs deep in American religious, political history

Since President Obama won re-election, more than 750,000 Americans have petitioned the White House website to let their states secede. 


Film revives questions about Lincoln's faith

The nature of Lincoln's faith —or the lack thereof—has remained one of the most fascinating aspects of the man who freed the slaves, preserved the Union and carried the wounded nation through its bloodiest war.


Hobby Lobby must cover morning-after pills

A federal judge ruled that the Christian owners of Hobby Lobby cannot be exempted from providing emergency contraceptives in their group health plan on religious grounds.

Exhibit celebrates Jewish history, artifacts

The Library of Congress exhibit “Words Like Sapphires,” which celebrates 100 years of Hebraica, includes a 19th century copy of the U.S. Constitution in Yiddish and Hebrew and other objects drawn from its more than 200,000-piece Hebraica collection.

Land breaks pledge, endorses Romney

Richard LandBreaking a longstanding personal pledge, Southern Baptist agency leader Richard Land endorsed GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, saying the upcoming election is the most important since Abraham Lincoln's win in 1860.


Campaigns' faith outreach centers on economic issues

With voters focused intently on pocketbook issues, both Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are framing their faith-outreach efforts around the economy as the presidential campaign enters its final days.


Pastors challenge IRS over political endorsements

As part of "Pulpit Freedom Sunday," religious leaders across the country endorsed political candidates—an act that flies in the face of Internal Revenue Service rules about what tax-exempt organizations, such as churches, can and cannot do.


ETBU, HBU legally challenge regulations in health care mandate

Dub OliverEast Texas Baptist University and Houston Baptist University have filed a lawsuit challenging the preventative services mandate in the Affordable Care Act.


Religious groups team up to fight sex trafficking

UNICEF reports girls enter the commercial sex trade in the United States at age 13. And while many Americans might think of sex trafficking as an international problem, it often starts in the United States.


Political speech shows many still don't understand school prayer

Many Americans still  misunderstand a landmark Supreme Court ruling that banned mandatory prayer recitations in public schools.

Saddleback civil forum called off due to candidates' lack of civility

Rick WarrenSaddleback Church pastor and Purpose-Driven Life author Rick Warren announced that a civil forum planned with President Obama and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has been canceled. Warren said he pulled the plug because he believes discourse between the two campaigns has become so uncivil that a polite exchange for two hours would seem hypocritical.


Obama and Romney offer glimpse into their spiritual lives

Obama RomneyPresident Obama says it's not his job to defend his Christian faith against doubters who suspect he's Muslim. His GOP challenger, Mitt Romney, says religion is "integral" to his life, even as often he avoids mentioning his Mormon faith by name.


Ad marks foray into religious campaign rhetoric, Baylor analyst notes

Romney campaign adA new political ad by presidential candidate Mitt Romney, in which he accuses President Obama of “waging war on religion,” is an opening salvo in religious rhetoric that likely will escalate as the November election approaches, said a Baylor University political expert and author.


Colorado tragedy affects Texas Baptist family

The impact of last week’s shooting rampage at a Colorado movie theater was felt as far away as Texas, where a Baptist family mourned the loss of a brother and son.

Baptist injured in theater shooting chooses forgiveness

From his hospital bed, one of the 58 people injured in a July 20 shooting rampage in an Aurora, Colo., movie theater that claimed 12 lives has become a spokesman for Christian forgiveness.
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