Americans divided on viewing homosexual behavior as sin

Americans are split on whether homosexual behavior is a sin, and many do not appreciate if a church teaches it is sinful, according to a recent survey conducted by LifeWay Research.

Evangelicals say it's time for frank talk about sex

The statistics, some evangelicals say, no longer can be ignored. Eighty percent of young evangelicals have engaged in premarital sex, and almost a third of evangelicals' unplanned pregnancies end in abortion.


Is 2012 election the Mormon's JFK moment?

With his path now clear to the Republican nomination, Mitt Romney is on the verge of becoming the first Mormon to head a major party's presidential ticket, a new milestone in America's embrace of religious groups that once were shunned by society.


Chuck Colson, redeemed felon & evangelical icon, dies at 80

Charles Colson, the Watergate felon who became an evangelical icon and born-again advocate for prisoners, died April 21 after a brief illness. He was 80.

Land issues back-to-back apologies for Trayvon Martin comments

The head of Southern Baptists’ Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission issued back-to-back apologies regarding statements he made on his radio program about the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Richard Land apologized both for offense caused by the remarks and for lifting some of the comments word-for-word from published materials without attributing their source.



Church giving on the rebound, report says

Church GivingThe recession and a sluggish recovery have made for a lighter collection plate in recent years, but a new study shows that giving to U.S. congregations bounced back in 2011 as the economy improved. According to the fourth annual State of the Plate survey, 51 percent of churches last year saw an increase in giving, up from 43 percent in 2010 and 36 percent in 2009.


Churches lost $1.2 billion in recession

Even as membership remains relatively stable in U.S. churches, the effects of the recession have caused contributions to drop by $1.2 billion.

White House offers to expand exemptions in birth control mandate

The Obama administration is offering to expand the number of faith-based groups that can be exempt from the controversial contraception mandate and proposing that third-party companies administer coverage for self-insured faith-based groups at no cost.

Obama appeals to 'social gospel'

President ObamaPresident Obama denied March 12 that he is “waging a war on religion,” citing his own work as a community organizer before entering politics as part of the “social gospel.”


Church-state tension inherent in health-care system, expert says

A Baptist church-state scholar says religious liberty concerns about new coverage mandates come with the territory in America's employer-based health insurance system.


Adjustment to birth-control coverage rule met with mixed reviews

[UPDATED] Some Baptist leaders applauded President Obama's announcement that insurance companies, rather than religious institutions, will be required to provide employees' contraception coverage. Others said it failed to answer the concerns of self-funded religious insurance providers.

Obama announces change in birth control coverage rule

President Obama said Feb. 10 insurance companies must pay for birth control services for women who work for religious institutions that object to paying for them on moral grounds.

SBC leader criticizes Komen reversal

The head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s publishing house said Feb. 3 that Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s reversal of a decision to disassociate from Planned Parenthood means that pink-bound Holman Christian Standard Bibles taking up warehouse space likely won’t be going anywhere soon.


Political 'God talk' turns off many voters, LifeWay poll shows

A LifeWay Research survey indicates frequent use of "God talk" actually may be more likely to hurt rather than help a candidate's chances with voters.


'Ministerial exception' to employment discrimination laws upheld

A unanimous U.S. Supreme Court ruled Jan. 11 that churches can fire their ministers for reasons that for other employers would be job discrimination.
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