Obama rearranges faith-based office; vows to maintain church-state wall

President Obama announced a revamped version of his predecessor’s office on faith-based charities Feb. 5, restructuring it with a broad advisory council and vowing to pay close attention to church-state concerns.

SCHIP passage to add 4 million children to insurance rolls

President Barack Obama signed a bill expanding the State Children's Health Insurance Program by $32 billion, providing coverage to an additional 4 million children in families with incomes too high to receive Medicaid but who cannot afford to buy health insurance.

Obama picks religious adviser DuBois for faith-based post; questions remain

President Obama has selected a 26-year-old Pentecostal minister who served as his top religion adviser during the presidential campaign to head a revamped White House office on faith-based social services.

Anti-torture activists voice approval, concern about executive orders

Religious opponents of torture expressed simultaneous approval and concern about a series of executive orders by President Obama upending his predecessor’s policies on detention and interrogation of terrorism suspects.

Interfaith leaders call for quick action on Middle East

Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders urged President Obama to act early in his administration to work for peace in the Middle East.

Inaugural events bracketed by prayers, controversy and ecumenism

The inauguration encapsulated America’s ongoing give-and-take over the role of religion in the nation’s political life.

Obama reached out to rising church star in Rick Warren

Rick Warren, the California Baptist pastor chosen by Barack Obama to pray at his presidential inauguration ceremony, is so influential a Christian leader and author that he has dramatically affected thousands of churches without ever stepping inside them.

Ecumenical group says stimulus package should include the poor

The nation’s most broadly ecumenical Christian group is urging the new administration of President-elect Obama to include help for the poor in any economic-stimulus package.


Faith leaders urge Obama to ban torture on Inauguration Day

A broad coalition of religious leaders has written a letter asking President-elect Barack Obama to make one of his first acts in office signing an executive order banning torture.

Catholic theologian, neoconservative intellectual Neuhaus dies at 72

Richard John Neuhaus, a former anti-war Lutheran pastor turned Catholic theologian and neoconservative, died Jan. 8 at age 72. Neuhaus tutored President Bush in Catholic social teaching and helped build a coalition of Catholics and evangelicals that many political analysts believe made Bush's election possible.

Will the Obamas find a black church to call home?

Will the Obamas attend a predominantly African-American church once they settle into the White House?

Wide variety of Baptists, other faiths found in 111th Congress

Baptists, they say, multiply by dividing. And the various Baptist churches and denominational groups represented in the incoming 111th Congress are emblematic of America’s broad array of Baptists -- and of religious life in general.

Rick Warren accuses critics of 'Christophobia'

Pastor Rick Warren termed criticism of his selection to pray the invocation at President-elect Barack Obama's Jan. 20 inauguration "hate speech" and "Christophobia" in a video message on the Saddleback Church website.

Pentagon tightens policy on distributing religious literature to recruits

The Pentagon recently reversed its policy of granting religious groups like the Gideons International preferential access to provide literature to new recruits.

Christian leaders call for easing travel restrictions to Cuba

Christian leaders on Dec. 18 called on President-elect Barack Obama to ease travel restrictions to Cuba they say hinder religious work.
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