Religious leaders call for inquiry into U.S. use of torture

Religious leaders from various faiths are pushing President Obama to establish a commission of inquiry to investigate alleged United States-sanctioned use of torture since 9/11.

Christian leaders push president to reform immigration law

Christian leaders, including three members of President Obama’s faith advisory council, pushed the president to make good on his promise of comprehensive immigration reform.

Drake prayed for abortion doctor’s death; praying same for Obama

(Updated) A former Southern Baptist Convention officer called the murder of a controversial abortion provider in Kansas an answer to prayer, and he told a talk show host he also is praying for President Obama to die. An SBC official insists most Southern Baptist are praying for the president's well-being—not his demise.

Faith-based groups push for health-care reform

Ads airing on Christian and mainstream radio stations in several states are attempting to frame health care as a moral issue.

Poll shows little change on marriage, but more support for other gay rights

Results from a recently released Gallup poll show  a majority of Americans continue to oppose same-sex marriage—but that the youngest voters support equal marriage rights for homosexual couples by a wide margin.

Would Jesus sue over WWJD letters?

A debt collection agency is accused of harassing debtors with the WWJD acronym.

Group says IRS should review Liberty University's tax-exempt status

A church-state watchdog group says the IRS should review Liberty University's tax-exempt status for its decision to revoke recognition of its Democratic Party club.

Sotomayor’s record on religion issues brief, unlikely to stir controversy

Supporters of separation between church and state reacted cautiously May 26 to President Obama’s selection of Sonia Sotomayor as his nominee to replace retiring Justice David Souter on the Supreme Court. She has ruled on only a handful of cases involving the First Amendment’s religion clauses.

Conservative ‘National Day of Prayer’ supporters upset over Obama snub

Conservative organizers of National Day of Prayer-related events expressed disappointment that President Obama chose not to mark the day May 7 in the same elaborate fashion as his predecessor.

Evangelical global-warming skeptics hire lobbyist

climate changeAs Congress debates clean-energy legislation, a conservative Christian group is ramping up lobbying efforts to raise questions about the science of climate change.

Groups urge Obama to proclaim 'inclusive' day of prayer

The Interfaith Alliance and Jews on First called on President Obama to proclaim an "inclusive" national day of prayer May 7 instead of endorsing a National Day of Prayer Task Force headed by Shirley Dobson.

Vermont is first state to approve gay marriage legislatively

On April 7, Vermont became the first jurisdiction in the United States to successfully legalize same-sex marriage through legislative means.

Iowa Supreme Court says state cannot deny marriage to gays

Iowa will soon join the ranks of states that allow same-sex marriage, thanks to a unanimous April 3 ruling by the state’s highest court.

Arizona high court declares state’s voucher program unconstitutional

The Arizona Supreme Court March 25 delivered the latest in a string of blows to the movement to provide tax funding for tuition at private and religious schools.

Presidential prayer effort proves to be bipartisan

The Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Presidential Prayer Team has lost some members but gained more in its transition to praying for new president Barack Obama.
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