Connecticut latest jurisdiction to legalize same-sex marriage

The Connecticut Supreme Court Oct. 10 made that state the latest in the union to offer full marriage rights to same-sex couples.

Little framed in moral terms during presidential debate

Economic woes and national security dominated a second presidential debate that offered little new information for undecided voters, including those looking for a values-based hook on which to hang their presidential choice.

Fewer than three-dozen churches risk tax-exempt status through endorsements

Only 33 churches signed up to participate in a conservative Christian group’s Pulpit Freedom Sunday Sept. 28, but planners viewed the exercise in civil disobedience as a success.

Support for ‘two-state’ solution troubles some Palin backers

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's answer during her Oct. 2 vice-presidential debate expressing support for a “two-state” solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is drawing criticism from some of her strongest supporters -- pro-Israel conservative Christians.

VP debate explores little on hot-button social issues

Biden PalinVoters hoping to know more about the vice-presidential candidates’ faith-influenced views on contentious policy issues probably learned little from the Oct. 2 debate between Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Sarah Palin.

Four in 10 think clergy should endorse candidates

Four in 10 Americans believe religious leaders should be permitted to endorse political candidates from the pulpit without risking their organization’s tax-exempt status, a new survey by the First Amendment Center shows.

Some conservatives say: ‘A woman VP? Sure. A woman pastor? No way’

There may never be a female pastor leading Tony Perkins’ Southern Baptist congregation in Louisiana, but there could be a woman taking over the vice president’s mansion in Washington. And as Perkins sees it, there’s no contradiction there whatsoever.

Southern evangelicals not guided by Bible for view on torture

A new survey suggests the very Americans who claim to follow the Bible most assiduously don’t consult it when forming their views about torture and government policy.

Torture fails to ensure national security, experts insist

Retired high-ranking military officers and national security experts at a national summit on torture agreed—a policy that permits torture does not make the United States or its troops safer.

Right or rite: Do Christian citizens have a duty to vote?

There is a debate in some religious circles about whether voting in secular elections is a duty for Christians.

Saddleback forum points out candidates’ differences, similarities

Individual stand on moral issues -- from personal character to the international arena -- was the foundation of the Aug. 16 Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency.

Standish named new head of religious-freedom commission

Adventist leader James Standish has been named the new executive director of a federal panel that advocates for global religious liberty.

Faith groups push to increase minimum wage to $10 an hour

A nonpartisan coalition of more than 90 faith, community, labor and business organizations has launched an ambitious “$10 in 2010” campaign to raise the federal minimum wage within two years.

Faith no laughing matter, court says

Making jokes and comments about a person’s religion can create a “humiliating and painful environment” and be a form of on-the-job discrimination, New Jersey’s highest court recently ruled.

Obama, McCain both struggle to seal the deal with evangelical voters

If Obama can cut McCain’s margin among evangelical voters from 78 percent to 68 percent, the election may be his, a political observer says.
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