Obama, Clinton at prayer breakfast denounce Ugandan anti-gay proposal

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used the occasion of the National Prayer Breakfast Feb. 4 to denounce a draconian proposed anti-homosexuality law in Uganda -- even though the event’s organizers have been closely associated with the Ugandan leaders pushing the bill. Video Included

Study finds abstinence-only programs effective in delaying sex

A new study by University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine says that abstinence-only sex-education programs are effective in getting pre-teens to put off having sex.

One American in eight needs food assistance, study shows

Food-assistance agencies nationwide serve 1 million more people each week than they did four years ago, according to a national study released Feb. 2. Statewide, the study showed 3 million Texans—including 1.2 million children—received help from a food pantry or soup kitchen. Video Included

Common ground on abortion not impossible, but tough to find

Polls indicate Americans are tired of abortion warfare. Experts say finding common ground will be difficult—especially in light of recent health care battles—but not impossible.

Faith ‘keeps me calm,’ Obama tells church

President Obama addressed how his faith guides him and the importance of hard work as he marked the birthday of the late Martin Luther King Jr. at a Washington church.

New statement ‘first-ever consensus’ on religious expression and the law

A diverse group of leaders who often find themselves on opposite sides of the contentious battles at the intersection of church and state joined forces Jan. 12 to unveil an unprecedented consensus statement aimed at advancing public understanding of -- and preventing needless controversy over -- the legal issues around religious expression in the public square.

Study says larger churches hit harder by economy

The economic recession has hit larger churches harder than it has smaller ones, according to a new survey by the Barna Group.

Scholar says faith-based initiative failed to increase churches' role

Eight years of President George W. Bush's faith-based agenda to increase religion's role in providing social services had little impact on day-to-day ministries of local congregations, according to scholar at Duke Divinity School.

Report says use of death penalty on decline in United States

Fewer death sentences were imposed in 2009 than in any year since the Supreme Court reinstated capital punishment in 1976, according to year-end statistics compiled by the Death Penalty Information Center.

In 2010 predictions, Pat Robertson says America under God's wrath

Pat RobertsonReligious broadcaster Pat Robertson said God's wrath is looming over a nation headed for economic ruin in his annual predictions for the coming year Jan. 4 on "The 700 Club."


Evangelical leaders support abortion compromise in health-care plan

Thirty-nine pro-life Christian pastors and leaders released a statement Dec. 18 applauding alternative language aimed at preventing health-care reform from being derailed by debate over abortion.

Supreme Court to deal with rights of religious groups at state schools

The Supreme Court agreed Dec. 7 to hear a case dealing with sticky questions about whether religious groups at state schools can be forced to either comply with non-discrimination policies or forego the access to funding and other benefits that go along with official school recognition.

No more imprecatory prayers; now Drake wants treason trial for Obama

A former Southern Baptist Convention officer who made headlines in June when he said on national radio that he was praying for Barack Obama to die now says he wants to see the president live long enough to stand trial for treason.

Group says proposed prison likely unconstitutional

A church-state watchdog group says a faith-based prison being proposed in Oklahoma would likely be unconstitutional.

Texas textbook battles have national impact

Battles in the Texas State Board of Education over social studies textbooks really amount to a conflict over what kind of nation the United States was founded to be—and what it may become in the future, a nationally recognized authority on religious liberty issues told an interfaith gathering in Dallas.
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