Religious-freedom groups mourn Kennedy, cite First Amendment views

Religious-liberty advocates added their voices Aug. 26 to the thousands mourning the death of longtime Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy after a battle with brain cancer.

Torture opponents renew calls for inquest after release of CIA report

Religious anti-torture groups said the Aug. 24 release of a partially declassified 2004 CIA report on treatment of terrorism suspects justified their critique of Bush administration policies on detainee treatment.

Initiative seeks to link one church, one school

Scarce funding for public education may offer churches an opportunity to work more closely with public schools in their neighborhood.

Clergy especially vulnerable when it comes to losing health insurance

While a sour economy and rising costs make it harder for small businesses to afford health coverage, one group of employees is especially vulnerable—clergy.

FAITH DIGEST: Faith groups draw volunteers

Faith-based organizations attract more volunteers than any other type of organization, according to a recent survey by the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Obama seeks religious help in debunking ‘lies’ about health care reform

hospital signFacing incendiary charges that health care reform would finance abortion and euthanasia, President Obama on Aug. 19 appealed to religious groups to help sell the plan and debunk critics’ “false witness.”

Health science nominees live private faith behind public careers

When President Obama named his choices for his administration’s two top medical posts, he chose people of private faith and public acclaim whose positions may put them out of lock step with fellow believers.

Religious leaders back common ground on abortion

A number of religious leaders are backing an effort to defuse the contentious debate over abortion with common-ground solutions that reduce the need for abortion by preventing unintended pregnancies and supporting women who might otherwise abort for economic reasons.

Bible helped set captives free, sheriff says

An Alabama woman used the spine of a Bible to conceal several hacksaw blades that helped her husband and three other inmates escape a maximum-security prison.

White House advisory council maps out faith-based plans

Members of a new White House advisory council have mapped out plans to link government and religious groups, from interfaith service projects to regional town halls on fatherhood.

Obama to nominate prominent Christian geneticist to head NIH

The White House announced July 8 that President Obama would tap prominent Christian geneticist Francis Collins, who is one of the world’s most famous thinkers on the relationship between religion and science, to head the National Institutes of Health.


Christian leaders push president to reform immigration law

Christian leaders, including three members of President Obama’s faith advisory council, pushed the president to make good on his promise of comprehensive immigration reform.

Graduation rates at religious schools outpace those at other universities

Religiously affiliated universities rank the highest nationwide in graduating their students, while hundreds of public and private universities fall far below the low average of graduated students, according to a recent report based on data from the U.S. Department of Education.

U.S. laws chill Muslim philanthropy

Laws meant to eliminate terror financing are targeting Muslims unjustly, interfering with their right to practice Islam and resulting in a decline in charitable giving, the American Civil Liberties Union has charged.

For Cizik, it’s suddenly a lot easier being green

CizikEmerging from a self-imposed media blackout, Richard Cizik is back, and he’s wearing the label of converted conservationist even more comfortably now.

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