• Obituary: William Harvey O’Dell

    William Harvey O’Dell of Amarillo, retired Baptist pastor and chaplain, died June 5. He was 90.

  • Obituary: Joanna Ching-Ping Wong Jones

    Joanna Ching-Ping Wong Jones, a member of Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas, died Feb. 14 from complications following a kidney transplant. She was 68.

  • Obituary: Bert B. Dominy

    Bert B. Dominy of Fort Worth, veteran professor of theology, died May 19. He was 83.

  • Obituary: Joreen Hayes Bozeman

    Joreen Hayes Bozeman of Garland, Christian educator and conference leader, died May 13. She was 90.

  • Obituary: Larry Hughes

    Larry Vernon Hughes, who survived a life-threatening spinal cord injury sustained while he was serving as a Journeyman missionary in Africa 50 years ago, died April 18. He was 74.

  • Obituary: James Jay Bobo

    James Jay Bobo, former Southern Baptist foreign missionary to Asia, died Jan. 15 in Fort Worth of COVID-19. He was 78.

  • Obituary: Phil Briggs

    Phil Briggs, distinguished professor of student ministry and youth education at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary from 1971 to 2004, died on April 18. He was 88.

  • Obituary: Kaywin LaNoue

    Kaywin LaNoue, Christian educator and volunteer with Texas Baptist Men disaster relief, died April 1. She was 86.

  • Obituary: Edwin Allen Seale

    Edwin Allen Seale of Deming, N.M., former Texas Baptist minister and military chaplain, died March 25. He was 91.

  • Obituary: Terry Lee Bowman

    Terry Lee Bowman, former Southern Baptist missionary and pastor, died Dec. 30 in Santo. He was 65.

  • Obituary: Rex Campbell

    Rex Kendall Campbell of Grand Prairie, award-winning Texas Baptist photographer and videographer, died Jan. 10. He was 64.

  • Obituary: Marion Fonville

    Marion Fonville, longtime Texas Baptist pastor and associational director of missions, died Feb. 4. He was 80.