• Obituaries: David Silva, Peggy Fuston, Robert Cargill

    David Silva, 70, pastor of First Baptist Church in Pettus, died March 16 in Pettus; Peggy Fuston, 80, a former BGCT employee, died April 3 in Arlington. Robert Cargill, 85, former vice president for financial resources for the SBC Radio and Television Commission, died April 4 in Fort Worth.

  • Obituary: Jon Randles

    Jon Randles, 58, former director of evangelism for the Baptist General Convention of Texas, died April 1 in Lubbock.

  • Obituaries: Max Brown, Luther Hutchinson

    Max Brown, 76, pastor and former director of the BGCT Human Welfare Coordinating Board, died March 15 in Amarillo. Luther Hutchinson, 69, a longtime Abilene pastor, died Jan. 28 in Dallas.

  • Obituary: Vernon Webb

    Vernon Webb, 64, a former member of the Texas Baptist Executive Board, died March 20 in Cibolo.

  • Obituary: Walter Evans

    Walter Evans, 81, longtime pastor of Dallas area churches, died March 10 in Rockwall.

  • Obituary: V.R. “Doc” Dooley

    V.R. “Doc” Dooley, 94, a songwriter, musician and music minister, died Feb. 28 in Grand Prairie.

  • Obituaries: Matt Dawson, Bob Freeman

    Matt Dawson, 98, son of Baptist pastor, editor and social activist J.M. Dawson and a former Baylor University Law School professor, died Feb. 17 in Waco. Bob Freeman, 76, former European Baptist Convention president, died Feb. 3 in Mandeville, La.

  • Obituary: Ruth Kinkeade

    Ruth Kinkeade, 96, widow of Henry Kinkeade, longtime pastor of First Baptist Church in Irving, died Jan. 31 in Irving.

  • Obituaries: Brent Ferren, James Carter

    Brent Ferren, 61, died Jan. 25 in Glen Rose and James Carter, 80, died Jan. 26 in Shreveport, La.

  • Obituaries: Verl Capps, Mike Gresham

    Verl Capps, 89, longtime music minister and educator, died Jan. 18 in Waxahachie. Mike Gresham, 61, died Jan. 19 in Port Lavaca, where he was pastor of First Baptist Church.

  • Obituaries: Storm, Lyles, Hopper, Scott

    Deaths: Ralph Storm, 86, Jan. 7 in Corpus Christi; Carter Lyles, 87, Jan. 9 in Carrollton; John David Hopper, 80, Jan. 10 in Houston; and Orville Scott, 80, Jan. 12 in Grand Saline.

  • Obituaries: J.T. Elliff, Randy Lofgren

    J.T. Elliff, 97, longtime pastor of churches in Texas, Arkansas, Missouri and Arizona., died Dec. 12 in Moore, Okla. Randy Lofgren, 74, minister of music at Calvary Baptist Church in Waco, died Dec. 26 in Crawford.