• Obituaries: T.W. Hunt, Robin Feistel

    T. W Hunt, 85, a Southwestern Seminary professor and authority on prayer, died Dec. 11 in Spring. Robin Feistel, 66, a leader in English as a Second Language literacy, died Dec. 10 in Houston.

  • Obituary: Julio Aldape

    Retired pastor Julio Aldape, 86, died Oct. 25 in Corpus Christi.

  • Obituaries: Gregorio Gomez, James Tatum

    Pastor and missionary Gregorio Gomez, 85, died Nov. 3 in Yorktown. James Tatum, pastor of First Baptist Church in Owentown, 64, died Nov. 10 in Tyler.

  • Obituary: Philip Tilden

    Philip Tilden Sr., 93, longtime pastor, chaplain and counselor, died Nov. 24 in Kerrville.

  • Obituary: Mary McCall

    Mary McCall, the former first lady of Baylor University, died Nov. 13 in Dallas at the age of 95.

  • Obituary: Charles Lee Williamson

    Charles Lee Williamson, 87, longtime Texas pastor, director of missions and educator, died Oct. 21 in Dallas.

  • Obituaries: Don Orr, Mary Louise Valentine

    Don Orr, 92, missionary to Colombia, died July 5 in Burleson. Mary Louise Valentine, 91, died Oct. 9 in Dallas. She was the widow of longtime SBC Christian Life Commission director Foy Valentine.

  • Obituaries: Larry Walker, Don Murray, Micah Farrell

    Larry Walker, 79, ambassador-at-large for First Baptist Church in Dallas. died while on a mission trip in Goa, India, Sept. 12.  Don Murray, 86, former pastor of First Baptist Church in Kerrville, died Oct. 5 in Kerrville. Micah Farrell, 23, pastor’s son, died Oct. 12 in Virginia.

  • Obituary: Tom Brandon

    Tom Brandon, 86, pastor emeritus at First Baptist Church in Sherman, died July 25 in Sherman.

  • Obituary: Jean Landrum

    Jean Landrum, 79, a former staff member at Dallas Baptist University, died Sept. 9 in Dallas,

  • Obituaries: Freddie Gage, Anna Fuson

    Longtime evangelist Freddie Gage, 81, died Sept. 12 in Houston and pastor’s wife Anna Fuson, 89, died Sept. 13 in Plainview.

  • Obituary: Doyle Lawless Sr.

    Doyle Lawless Sr., 92, died Aug. 20 in Waco. He was longtime pastor of Grace Temple Baptist Church in Waco.